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Disadvantages of Milk Consumption

Disadvantages of Milk Consumption

Milk is full of nutrients and it is beneficial in many ways at every age of man but it has some drawbacks or disadvantages.

Lacking in certain nutrients: such as fiber, iron or vitamin C. Cow’s milk does not provide the ideal ratio of amino acids, so although its proteins are of good quality, are not complete. Ideally combining dairy proteins with cereal proteins that supplementation is optimal.

Irritating to the digestive system: in sensitive individuals may cause: abdominal cramps, aggravation of IBS and gastroduodenal ulcers (for a rebound effect of acid secretion, when calm heartburn, but then acid secretion increases), inflammation and intestinal bleeding in infants.

You can exacerbate rheumatoid arthritis: As the antigen-antibody complexes produced by the milk can be deposited in the joints causing inflammation and stiffness.

Iron deficiency anemia: Either because milk is low in iron and small intestinal bleeding that can produce consumption, especially in infants.

Some of its components are risk factor for coronary heart disease:

Saturated fats and casein increase the level of blood cholesterol, lactose and well predisposed to heart disease. Consumption is discouraged in the presence of stroke and atherosclerosis.

It may be cause of cataracts: in some people, because galactose, can cause clouding of the lens.

Related to some types of cancer: Because the majority of milk fat is saturated. There is ample scientific evidence to conclude that daily consumption of milk increases the risk of developing prostate cancer, ovarian and lymphoma.

Bacterial, chemical or radioactive contamination:It  is a very delicate food, thus, their conservation and their processing are key to public health.

Contraindicated in the following situations:

Lactose Intolerance: You can consume lactose-free milk or yogurt or cheese, because they contain less lactose

Allergy to cow’s milk: It must remove all dairy and substitute soy products.

Galactosemia: Substitute soy products.

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