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Drug Treatment of Epilepsy

Drug Treatment of Epilepsy

70-75% of epileptic seizure free stays with drugs that usually exist. However, you must know some important facts. There is no ideal drug is one that controls the crisis and with fewer side effects. The choice and dosage is done on basis of an individual, by factors such as the type of epilepsy seizure frequency, age, sex and weight of the patient. The number of shots depends on the half life of the drug and the rate of elimination.

It is preferable to start treatment gradually, with upgrades doses throughout the day facilitating the habituation of the patient to the drug and report possible side effects. It is advisable to match shots with meals, to prevent forgetfulness.

It usually begins in monotherapy (single drug taking) seeking the drug more effective. Monotherapy has advantages such as:

– Greater simplicity in treatment.

– It knows the cause of the inefficiencies, if crises persist, or adverse effects, if they occur.

– It has no drug interactions.

– Lower cost in medication.

If crises and / or appear severe adverse effects persist, you need to talk to the neurologist to evaluate the change by another drug or administering two drugs simultaneously (combination therapy). There are currently more than 20 drugs and in many phases of study, some in advanced stages, but need to be cautious and confirm the sources, information on the drugs under study is informative.

It is possible that some of these drugs not marketed for epilepsy, either because there is no expected results, effects, etc.

An important issue in epilepsy (and in general, any illness that needs treatment chronically) is to know.

Do not forget the shots, able to identify the drugs, what to do in case of vomiting, forgetfulness of the shots, etc,.

Then different pill, which can sometimes be useful, especially when medication they establish progressively and can sometimes be tough not to be confused, is.

Adolescents, who are you to recommend them (and not fathers) who deal with the medication (for more independence). There are some concerns of patients and families neurologists answered by specialists, but should be cautious and ignoring the own neurologist who knows the patient.

Generic drugs are a current topic and sometimes – as in the case of epilepsy-controversial. Antiepileptic drugs are drugs whose therapeutic range is narrow and if the detail in most drugs is not a problem in the case of antiepileptic it may be. No verified information with neurological journals articles.

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