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Eating Fast Causes Serious Problems

Eating Fast Causes Serious Problems

The rush often the companion of many of us every day, and this is usually felt in the mealtimes, as most of us usually spend very little time this act is more important than we think and that requires your time.
Eating quickly can be a very significant risk to our health, particularly as the digestive system is concerned, since the operation of this worsens considerably and with it the assimilation of food by the body, something that will affect us on way in maintaining proper physical health. It is therefore important that we eat properly and risks that can lead us to feed fast.
It has always been said that ten minutes is enough to eat, but it really is not, because eating is not eating food without more, but we have to know how to do it so that the body can assimilate food in the best way without hardly affect us this fact. To do this the right way simply we have to follow a series of tips. The bottom line is to provide the lunch of the importance, we must devote the necessary time to ingest food properly.
Eating quickly is the worst thing we can do. Chewing food is the first step of a good digestion. Our mouth has a number of glands that secrete saliva, necessary to help our stomach to digest food substance. For this reason it is important to chew properly to perform well salivation of food, because this way we will be providing our stomach digestion and accelerating this process.
Eat in five minutes is but we can do, because usually this haste is often accompanied by anxiety that not only makes us chew bad, but it also gets us to open the mouth wide to introduce food eating meal with a lot of air we will cause gas and stomach cramps. Excess gas cause swelling in belly and gives us trouble of this situation.
Chew food bad digestions will become slower and heavier, with all that this entails for the organism, and the assimilation of nutrients is much worse and the body does not process it correctly. Some of them such as fat and others are not properly absorbed and eventually assimilated into the body and make us more harm than good. Furthermore, this process eventually slows down our metabolism, which is dragged by slow digestion, which consumes less energy.
We must be aware that we have teeth, jaws and tongue for something. Chew properly should be a habit, and there is no point run to end entities, as this will give us a heavy digestion we also provide itself with a state of numbness that will prevent surrender properly, because the body will run slower to address that heavy digestion.

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