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Foods that help us have strong, healthy teeth

Foods that help us have strong, healthy teeth

As you know, a correct diet is often translated with an excellent quality of life, with adequate nutrients with which to maintain a beautiful skin, strong hair and why not, healthy teeth. Also the health of the gums wills directly affect our teeth remain fixed, that we do not suffer the classic bleeding every time we brush our teeth, clear symptoms that we must correct some of our dietary guidelines. Let’s see what foods will help us:

  1. Green tea and black tea

In our space we have often talked about the great benefits of green tea. A great powerful antioxidant that contains in its composition, those polyphenols that take great care of our teeth. These polyphenols are also abundant in black tea, as their main virtue is to slow down the growth of bacteria associated with tooth decay and gum disease. This data is backed by the University of Illinois, who showed that these natural beverages reduce plaque buildup.

  1. The benefits of raisins

Despite being sweet, they do not have sucrose or table sugar, which prevents bacteria from sticking to the teeth. In addition, we must not forget that raisins have phytochemicals, which reduce bacterial plaque. They have vitamins, minerals and, besides, they take care of our gums.

  1. Crunchy fruits

Apples, pears, and of course, vegetables. They have plenty of water, vitamins and fiber that manage to alleviate the negative effects of sugars in food, increasing the production of saliva that prevents cavities. Do not neglect to consume for example onions or celery, since they are great antibacterial. Also do not neglect oranges, lemons, kiwis, papayas … have vitamin C and allow us to maintain collagen of the gums and avoid infections. If you consume their minerals will allow you to erase any stains you may have on your teeth.

  1. Cheese

There are several studies published for example in the journal General Dentistry, which indicate that consuming for example cheddar cheese or natural yogurts without sugar reduce the acidic plaque, and positively increase the production of saliva.

  1. Sugarless chewing gum

Surely you already knew. The benefits of so-called sugar-free gum are ideal for taking care of our teeth. Its secret is that they increase the secretion of saliva, thus cleaning the bacteria that may remain in our teeth. It is useful if you cannot brush your teeth immediately.

  1. Adequate doses of phosphorus

Phosphorus is essential for the health and strength of our teeth. It is he who builds his structure and who allows the minerals to heal him and give him his healthy appearance. Do you know what foods can help you get those proper doses of phosphorus? Take note: almonds, walnuts, all green leafy vegetables, as well as most fish. It is worth taking into account both for us and for the little ones.

  1. The benefits of parsley

This plant has a substance called monoterpene that neutralizes bad breath and will prevent us from increasing our salivation and fight against bacteria in our dental plaque. Do not hesitate to add a little parsley to your salads and your dishes. It is also rich in iron and gives us strength.

  1. Seeds of sesame

They are ideal, as they allow us to eliminate that annoying dental plaque and thus rebuild our enamel in a healthier way. In addition we must not forget that it is rich in calcium and thus strengthens not all our teeth, but also our bones. You can consume these seeds in your salads; you will see how little by little they become indispensable.


Use healthy teeth and gums mouthwash.

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