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Grow your Hair Faster By Using Potato

Grow your Hair Faster By Using Potato

Both the pulp and peel potatoes combat hair loss and help us stimulate growth while you add shine. Among all hair problems today affecting men and women, the fall continues to occupy the first place. This disorder, which is given by multiple factors, is an aesthetic and health problem that may indicate a nutritional deficiency.

It can also be caused by genetic factors and in most cases have some sort of solution. In turn, it may be accompanied by difficulties in growth, preventing wear a healthy and long hair. In response to the need to combat this kind of symptoms, the cosmetics industry has created hundreds of chemicals that can help us achieve good results. However, these are not liked by everyone and sometimes are too expensive to use them frequently. Fortunately, there are natural alternatives, such as potato juice, whose properties have been valued in natural aesthetics. Its application as hair treatment promotes growth and within days reveals a stronger and healthier hair.

Why the potato juice is good to grow hair

The potato juice as an alternative treatment for hair is an interesting way to provide essential nutrients such as vitamins A, B and C. Having a deficiency of any of these can cause weakening of the hair structure, in addition to dry and fall. It also provides minerals such as calcium, manganese, zinc and iron play a very important both in health and in what has to do with beauty role. Regular and moderate incorporation of this vegetable in the diet is a way to build on its strengths; however, direct use is the best option to solve hair problems.

How to prepare potato juice for hair?

There are several ways to take advantage of potatoes in treating hair loss. Juice is an interesting way because it takes all of these vegetable vitamins for an effective solution.


  1. 4 potatoes
  2. ½ glass of water (100 ml)


To begin, wash the potatoes and cut them into several pieces. Then, take them to the blender and pictures tagged with a little water to facilitate liquid. After a puree, not very thick, it is sole on a clean container with the help of a muslin cloth. After separating the juice from the pulp, it proceeds to perform the treatment.

Mode of application

To stimulate hair growth and give you thicker, you must first apply the product on the scalp with a gentle massage. Then the juice spreads over the rest of the strands and covered with a shower cap. After 20 to 25 minutes rinse with warm or cold enough water. Its use should be daily, at least until you start to see results in the hair. When this occurs, the application should be continued up to three times a week. Added to its ability to promote healthy growth, it will also bring incredible shine that will look in better shape.

Potato water to strengthen hair

The pulp of the potatoes is not the only thing that can be leveraged to achieve a more abundant and nourished hair. With shells can prepare a special water to strengthen and complement loss treatment.


  1. Peels potatoes
  2. 1 liter of water


Thoroughly wash peels potatoes to withdraw the remains of land and then put in a pot with a liter of water. Let them boil for a few minutes and when cooked, remove them from heat and let stand.

Mode of application

Use the liquid as final rinse potato washing hair. This action can be repeated two or three times a week for better effects. Best of all is that not only helps to improve growth but acts as a natural conditioner for a brighter and less damaged hair. In conclusion, it is worth testing the properties of this vegetable to improve hair health. Although its effects are not immediate, who used it regularly claim that has great benefits.

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