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Health Benefits of Green Chili

Health Benefits of Green Chili

All people who have tried their green chili experienced slight bitterness and intense spicy flavor that clears the nostrils, but many are unaware of the health benefits that this food provides its consumers. Rich in vitamins and low in fat and cholesterol, green chili is an extraordinary great tasting food. Even the spicy sensation produced by capsaicin is beneficial to health; therefore, just the feel is working. Available fresh, dried, chopped, canned and pickled, there are several ways to enjoy the taste and health benefits of green chili

Vitamins and minerals

The green chili is rich in vitamin A and C. The stuffed version has higher content of vitamin A and vitamin C. Fresh can have up to six times more vitamin C than orange one. The bright color is a sign of a high content of beta-carotene, an antioxidant that is beneficial to the cardiovascular system, skin, eyes and immune system. The green chili also has vitamins B and E and is a fine source of iron and potassium. It contains no fat or cholesterol and helps stop the absorption of cholesterol in the body without adding significant calories.

Feeling the heat

Although vitamins and minerals are some of the benefits of drinking green chili, the greatest health benefit comes from the pain one feels when you bite. Capsaicin, the active chemical that is stored in their veins and seeds, provides its pungent flavor as well as nutritional and health benefits. Helps dissolve clots in the bloodstream and helps digestion. Capsaicin is a drug that is prescribed to treat wrinkles, heart problems and facial tics. In addition, burn calories by speeding up metabolism and reduce appetite. It also releases endorphins in the brain, which encourages good humor. Creams containing capsaicin was used as anti-inflammatory and cures for arthritis.


Be careful not to touch your eyes, nose, mouth or other sensitive body parts after handling chilies. Capsaicin will stick to your hands and fingers and can burn enough. Wash your hands every time you touch chili.

Cold and heat

In some countries, during the summer months spicy foods are consumed with plenty of pepper and capsaicin. Although it may seem counterproductive, spicy flavor of chili causes sweating, which in turn cools the body?

Fun fact about the green chili

The “ghost chili”, comes from India and is the world’s hottest pepper. On the Scoville scale (method determines itching chili), you will be awarded more than one million units of itching. A mere jalapeno contains between 2,500 and 5,000 units.

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