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Health Benefits of Green Vegetables

Health Benefits of Green Vegetables

There is no doubt that green is the color of choice for the vegetables. But, you know what the benefits of green vegetables for your health? In this article you’ll learn more about them. Begins to consume from now (if you did not yet), add them to all your dishes to enjoy their property.

Vegetables and green vegetables, as a first step, are an important source of nutrients for our health, as we provide minerals, vitamins and fiber. Its distinctive color is due to an essential component of chlorophyll. Studies claim that this compound serves to prevent cancer, improve heart function and prevent anemia, among other qualities.

Nutritionists suggest that consumption of green vegetables should be at least three cups a week, that is, half a cup a day. It is not so much the amount required and the truth is that they are highly recommended for our health.

Some of the green vegetables you should add to your diet are: arugula, chard, spinach, broccoli, kale and lettuce. All have vitamins, calcium, folic acid, iron and protein. You will be much stronger than Popeye and avoid diseases of all kinds.

Benefits of consuming green vegetables

No wonder our mothers and our grandmothers have insisted for us to eat chard or spinach from small, or in salads never lack lettuce (plus it’s delicious). It was not a whim, but everything you said about the properties of these plants was true.

The benefits of chlorophyll, basically, are the ones who stand out in these foods. In addition to the aforementioned, it is proven to help improve the immune system, so what, you will not get sick as often.

In addition, they are composed of essential nutrients in the long run will serve to control your weight, because they have almost no calories and are satisfying. Folic acid having become ideal food for pregnant or nursing women, also for those suffering from problems in their defenses by illness, stress, or certain medications. Other interesting components are magnesium and potassium, which are not achieved in processed foods, for example. Not to forget the dietary fiber that prevents constipation or vitamin C (which is also used to prevent flu or colds).

Peas, large supply of vegetable protein and fiber

People who consume green leafy vegetables are less likely to develop certain cancers and cardiovascular diseases. First, they contain antioxidants that scavenge free radicals and secondly, because not contribute almost fat body, but also clean the arteries.

As if this were not enough, the greens have a lot of calcium, an essential for most body functions and vital to keep the bones in perfect condition, mineral being recommended for people over 65 and in women the stage of menopause. In turn, calcium can regulate heart rhythm, achieve good nerve impulses, avoid insomnia, cramps and improve hormonal and enzymatic processes.

Green beans, vegetable with strong antioxidant capacity

Antioxidants from green vegetables are responsible for avoiding deterioration and cellular aging and as noted above, to prevent the onset of cancer. They are perfect for reducing the damage caused by environmental pollution and toxics such as cigarette smoke, it is for the smoker and for being in contact with people who have this habit.

Thanks to vitamin A that also contains these green vegetables, we can enjoy the beta carotene, essential elements for our body. This vitamin is stored in the liver to a greater extent, but also in the lungs and kidneys.

The benefits of Vitamin A are: maintenance of the skeletal system, skin regeneration (why many creams contain it), repair the mucous cells, preventing cataracts, conjunctivitis and other eye infections, improving the view night, creating a protective barrier against microorganisms, functioning of the reproductive organs (helps regulate the menstrual cycle and sperm production), repair of infected tissues and increased resistance to infections or contagious diseases.

Trinity lettuce

Some of these properties are shared with vitamin C, found in large quantities in dark green vegetables (and in greater proportions than in citrus, contrary to popular belief). This nutrient serves to form collagen that is, allowing forming skin and wound healing, but also tendons, ligaments and blood vessels. In turn, strengthens the immune system, keeps in perfect teeth and bones in general.

Particular properties of each green vegetable

Brussels sprouts: antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and detoxifying, reduce the risk of cancer and protect the DNA of the body.

Spinach: It provides 20% of dietary fiber that your body needs and maintains blood sugar levels, and prevent eye diseases.

Chard: Allows you to lose weight, has a good amount of iron, so it is advisable in people with anemia.

Broccoli: Antioxidant reduces the risk of respiratory and stomach infections, making it perfect for those suffering from ulcers.

Arugula: Offers good amounts of vitamins A and C and calcium.

Kale: Rich in folic acid, calcium, fiber and vitamins A, C and K.

Curly lettuce: Much the same folic acid and vitamins than cabbage. Ideal for pregnant women.

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