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Health properties of sesame oil

Health properties of sesame oil

Sesame oil is also known as sesame oil, it is easy to find in any shop and we assure you are one of the most beneficial foods that can add to our plates. It has a very special flavor, smooth texture and a natural treasure of these essential fatty acids like omega 3 and omega 6, which do so much for our health.

Sesame oil, a treasure for our health

Although sesame oil is known especially in Asia, in recent years it is coming with a lot of weight to the rest of the world. It attracted by its taste, its delicate texture and how well it combines many of our dishes. However, if there is something really significant in this oil are all properties that give us in our day to day and certainly worth seeing?

  1. Benefits for our brain

It is containing zinc, iron and calcium. One of his most appreciated contributions sesame oil is undoubtedly magnesium. We have spoken often of the importance of this mineral for our health, especially to combat physical and mental exhaustion, to take care of our bones, strengthen the nervous system and even fight depression.

It has a great contribution in vitamin E, besides phospholipids and lecithin, needed to improve our memory and protect nerve cells. All these elements are essential to promote brain health and prevent many diseases such as stroke and even Alzheimer’s.

  1. Heart Health

It is one of its greatest benefits. Sesame oil has been used since ancient times in Asian countries to promote blood circulation, lower cholesterol and prevent fat from sticking to our arteries, hardening them. It is, as we say, a natural ally for our heart.

  1. A good anti-inflammatory

Sesame oil is very suitable, for example, for all those people who suffer from osteoarthritis problems, arthritis, carpal tunnel and even ordinary muscle cramps, through sprains, tendinitis or even an earache. Thanks to fatty, linoleic and oleic acids present in sesame oil, is able to reduce the incidence of these inflammatory processes that cause us much suffering.

To take advantage of the properties of sesame oil you can take, for example, two tablespoons a day (4 grams), or you can get a massage in areas you have inflamed. To do this, simply moisten the area and massage it for 15 minutes. You see what notes relief.

  1. Sesame oil is very rich in calcium

Do you suffer from bone decalcification? Does it hurt the hip often? Do you feel a lot of pain in one knee when you climb the stairs? Did you said your doctor, maybe you have weak bones? Then you should know that the seed oil gives you a very suitable, perfect to cover your deficit level of calcium of plant origin. In fact, sesame oil is healthier than animal calcium milk, without feel better.

It is very interesting that in the East is considered the sesame oil as the “oil of women” for how to care for our health in particular. Able to reduce the classic pain associated with menstruation and also is very healthy at the stage of menopause. What if we included from today in our diet?

  1. Natural source of antioxidants

It is also interesting to know that sesame oil is very rich in antioxidants, including vitamin E major, essential to combat premature aging and many degenerative diseases.

  1. Sesame oil, an ally for beauty

Sesame oil is widely used in the field of natural beauty as one of the best sources of antioxidants that exist and, moreover, for all these reasons that we now describe and surely will surprise you:

Sesame oil is perfect to hydrate very dry or damaged skin. It is a natural revitalizing, nourishes and repairs the skin by providing multiple vitamins and antioxidants. It provides firmness to the skin reduces stretch marks and even banishes the classic spots caused by acne.

In many countries they use it as sunscreen because UV filter achieves. However, protection is very low, so we recommend that you use it rather to get home after the beach, because it will help moisturize the skin and possible burns, also favoring the tan look longer. You see, sesame oil is a natural treasure worth always have on hand. Do not hesitate to include it in your salads and prepare him for your meals rich dressings that undoubtedly will taste the whole family. Enjoy it!

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