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Herbal Medicine to Treat Addiction

Herbal Medicine to treat Addiction

Medicinal herbs are used in many health problems such as overweight, diabetes and even to treat some types of cancer. Currently, it is being implemented to try different herbal addictions medicine with good results. Then, in another drug, we will explain how this branch of alternative therapies works.

The operation of the herbal medicine against addiction

Most addictions reduce protection and nervous system damage. The objective of using herbs is integrally embroidery mind and body and detoxify the material is consumed using herbs to oxygenate and clean the blood.

Herbal medicine strengthens the adrenal glands and promotes relaxation, thereby preventing the addict feel the need to consume the drug again.

Herbs against addictions

Some herbs contain many properties that are beneficial to fight addictions such as those presented below.

Kudzu: This herb is used in the case of people with alcohol addiction. It has diadzin, causing a negative physical response to consume such beverages. It also reduces the symptoms caused by withdrawal symptoms such as anxiety, insomnia and oat depression.

Paja: Acts as a tonic against the nerves and is a powerful antidepressant. It is a way to avoid the consumption of antidepressant pills, because their effects are similar without causing damage or dependence.

Pasionaria: Reduces the symptoms of marijuana withdrawal syndrome, cigarettes, alcohol and painkillers, and all those derived substances opioids.

Valerian: It acts as a powerful natural sedative that calms nerves and allows at the time of the patient detoxification keep calm and symptoms Siberian avoid abstinence.

Ginseng syndrome:This herb helps fight cocaine intake and different opiate addiction. It should be remembered that this plant should not be consumed if hypoglycemia, hypertension or heart problems.

This type of herbal treatment will always depend on the substance to which it is addicted to the individual and the general health of the addict. You need to have in minded that in the case of addiction to some substance, if you want to perform this treatment with herbs, you should consult your doctor before.

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