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Hives Causes and Best Remedies

Hives Causes and Best Remedies

Hives is the way the skin reacts sometimes to certain stimuli causing the body’s defense system generates large amounts causing histamines in the traditional burning.This can occur in one area or be present throughout the body.

Deurticaria the most common symptoms are:

  • Grains, plates or reddish areas with small bumps on the skin especially on the eyelids, lips, tongue or genital area. Sometimes it can also occur in the chest, abdomen or arms.
  • Itching
  • Burning
  • Tingling or warmth in the area
  • Swelling

The vast majority of hives are caused by allergic reactions associated with the consumption of seafood, the metal contact and the use of certain cosmetics and also can be caused by:

  • Insect bites
  • Contact with herbs or plants such as poison ivy, poison oak and sumac
  • Climate change (cold or hot)
  • Consumption of food (such as fish and shellfish contaminated with anisakis, nuts, strawberries or peaches …) cause reaction in some people and to liberate histamine hives appear.
  • Swimming in cold water
  • Take a steam bath
  • Some medications such as penicillin or aspirin and other coating (capsule)
  • Sun exposure (attacks after half an hour of exposure)
  • It is important to note that tension, emotions and physical exhaustion can also cause hives.

Hives usually disappear within hours or a few days. However, to shorten its duration and ease the discomfort, there are several natural remedies like these:

Folk Remedies

  1. Cut a large onion into slices and apply directly on the widest and fix the affected skin with a bandage. If the affected area is large, it is best to wipe the skin with a slice loosely for several minutes.
  2. Prepare a bath of warm water and add a cup of baking soda. Remove the water and get into the tub for 20 minutes. This remedy is especially useful when the rash is widespread in the body.
  3. Apply milk of magnesia or witch hazel directly onto the affected area and within minutes the discomfort disappears. Repeat application as necessary
  4. Boil two tablespoons lime leaves chamomile or valerian in a cup of water for 5minutes.

Accompanying drinks at mealtimes. It has a sedative or tranquilizing effect and is beneficial especially if the rash is caused by emotional stress.

  1. Apply the gel or transparent substance found in the leaves of aloe Vera or aloe directly on the affected skin.
  2. Apply an ice pack, cold compresses or rub an ice cube directly on the skin to relieve itching, hives if is not due to an allergic reaction to cold. With this choice, it is possible to constrict the blood vessels in the skin surface which decreases the amount produced of irritating histamines.
  3. Boil several tablespoons of rolled oats in a little water until a paste forms; let cool, put on a piece of cloth and apply as a compress on the affected areas. You can also take a bath with oatmeal to relieve generalized Urticaria.
  4. Marinate at night 1 tablespoon of sarsaparilla root in a liter of cold water and boil for 20 minutes in the morning. Take 1 tablespoon regularly.
  5. Fill a tub with cold water (if the hives are not caused by the cold) and pour, then a liter of orange blossom water. Stay in the bath for 15 minutes. This choice is ideal if the hives are spread throughout the body, but if it is located in an area, can only pass cotton ball soaked previously orange blossom water.
  6. Boil a handful of lemon balm, sage and nettle in a quart of water unsweetened. Take three cups a day until the discomfort cease.
  7. Wash and slice a large tomato and apply on the affected areas by hives.
  8. Marinate in a glass container sealing, 25 grams of lavender flowers in half a glass of almond oil for 4 weeks. After this time, squeeze the flowers and bottle again. Mix 2 tablespoons of this preparation with 2 tablespoons plain yogurt and apply with gentle massage on the area where the rash occurs.
  9. Pour a handful of burdock, borage and another one of thyme in a pint of water is boiling. Let stand overnight. Strain and drink this preparation throughout the day. This is a tonic remedy for eliminating toxins that may be causing the rash.
  10. Boil for 10 minutes, only two stalks celery sticks in a pint of water. Strain and, with this liquid, soak sterile gauze. Apply to the affected area and hold position overnight.
  11. Pour 3 tablespoons of violet in a liter of water are boiling. Cover and let stand until cool. Strain and use for a bath
  12. Pour a handful of crushed leaves of broom in a bottle that is half full of white alcohol. Cover with cork, shake well, and let stand for 3 days in the heat of the kitchen. Apply on the fourth day, touches of this tincture where the skin is Urticaria.
  13. Boil for 5 minutes 1 cup of water containing 1 tablespoon of black currant. Cover and let cool. Take 2 to 3 cups a day.
  14. Pour in a cup of water is boiling 1 tablespoon of plantain and other liverwort. Cover and let cool. Strain and drink 3 cups a day
  15. Stack 3 leaves of fresh mint, previously washed, and they press well. Apply with gauze over the affected area. This remedy helps relieve itching and burning that they feel in these cases.


  • Investigate what triggers Urticaria (allergy, stress, etc.) to prevent the agent or situation that causes their appearance.
  • Take frequent sources of calcium and vitamin C, which, according to research, prevent attacks hives. An example of vegetable is broccoli calcium that can be consumed in salads or soups. As for vitamin C, it is advisable to make fast a glass with the juice of one or two lemons.
  • Avoid wearing clothing made of synthetic material.
  • Avoid exciting drinks such as coffee, tea and colas.
  • Reduce or eliminate excessive consumption of animal fats such as sausages, pork, organ meats, butter, bacon, cheese, canned seafood.
  • Go to the emergency room immediately if severe rash occurs in mouth and throat, as this may block the airway
  • Likewise, should see a doctor if the rash lasts more than six weeks or discomfort is difficult to bear. In these cases, the rash may be a symptom of a major chronic disease such as systemic lupus erythematosus or some autoimmune disorders affecting the thyroid.

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