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How Makeup Harms Skin of Little Girls

How Makeup Harms Skin of Little Girls

More and more young age, girls want makeup. They start with a “harmless” lip gloss or nail. But then they want mascara, lipsticks other colors, eyeliner, rouge … and the list goes on. Beyond the psychological connotations, these elements can be very harmful to your health.

When girls want makeup

With each passing generation the average age of onset of experiment with makeup by girls is reduced. So much so that sell kits with all kinds of “make-up” for small 4 or 5 years.

No doubt television has much to do in this habit.Also at the lack of information from the parents. At that age, no need to highlight their attributes. They are all beautiful and have no imperfections.

If we think of a 7 year old girl that is beginning to go to school and we want to make up, it may be because you are watching that example in someone his age, be it your favorite music star or a mate.

The cosmetics industry is making its business and offering makeup kits for girls with characters they love, for example, the Disney princesses. It is not a simple game, because many of them do not want to go outside if the lips or eyes are not looking.

It is vital that parents of that little put a stop to the situation. You may not see it as something bad to be painted from time to time, but it would be good to know what effects makeup for your health, are still developing.

Makeup and skin effects

Girls under 12 have their very sensitive dermis and these products are more harmful for them. They are designed to penetrate the skin barrier, which in them is still long and thin. This can cause inflammation, allergic reactions and intoxications. It is also worth noting that the stains, largely, have lead and that worsens the picture.

As regards perfumes, dyes and fragrances they have many parabens, malignant substances for any age. The uses of foundations (the question is what if they have bumps or wrinkles) clog pores and this creates cosmetic dermatitis or acne, which can inhibit the use make-up in the future.

Some girls are allowed to wear makeup for a party or his birthday, for example. While we may think that there is nothing wrong with that, the problem is that the products contain malignant substances that penetrate the skin on contact.

If we accept that our daughters face with makeup to its conclusion, we must seek products for their age and wash the skin properly after the party ends. For the world the kids have to wear make-adult, because they are not designed for your skin type, even those who say they are for very sensitive dermis.

We must always choose hypoallergenic products, oil free (oil) without flavors or colors, to avoid irritating the skin. And keep them in the face the least amount of time possible.

At what age you could begin to make up girls?

Beyond indicating parents, we refer to a scientific or medical issue. Dermatologists suggest that there is no minimum age to start this habit, but most said that only after passing the age of 14 could be an ideal time. It is at this stage when girls become young women and prepare for life as women. It could be a perfect gift for your 15th birthday party, for example.

Tips for parents with children who want makeup

If your daughter is at the age of 6 to 14 years and wants makeup at all costs, it will not be worth much to explain to him that these products are components harmful to your health. You know why? Because it will tell you that if you use them (or mother), she also has the right. And now, the psychology of “I’m older” does not usually have too. Some tips to avoid problems:

The difference between the game and reality

Allow put on makeup while playing at home is very different to let her out on the street or go to school with mascara and lip thing.

Indicates what the limits are

Just over the previous council, determines when makeup is allowed and when not. Explain your decision using age-appropriate language.

He promises that he will do later

For example, if the child is 10 years old, say that it lacks little to make up as you want. And then you have a lifetime to do it, no need to hurry.

Do not let your makeup

While the girls copied the models of mothers (also older sisters, aunts, cousins), that does not mean you cannot fix until they grow. It explains why there is a difference between you and her.

Allows experience

Once you have reached the age to start accepted makeup, it’s good to go slowly. There is no question of allowing all kits sold in stores are purchased. You can, for example, be adding a supplement per month or when you have good grades.

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