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How to attract a Frightened Cat

How to attract a Frightened Cat

Sometimes we find ourselves in the situation of having a new kitten in the house, or want to rescue one in trouble but the Pussycat is so scared that there is no way to bring it to us. Here are some tips obtained by pure empiricism, and my years living with them.

Try to feed the cat. Cats are grateful to who feeds him. Try to give different things that tend to attract cats, and cat treats in sauce, chicken, ham, cheese … when you see the whiskers move to smell what you offer him, you go on track. I used pieces of raw liver as berserk them, but as the kitten would not let me near blew in his direction so that it reaches the smell!

A second remote option might be to use the laser pointer; you have to get close but if you’re lucky enough that attract the point that moves will bring it to you until you see that you do not represent a danger, but a playmate.

If you have a dog, try your hands or clothes do not have smell. A frightened cat has their preparations for the defense and the smell of dog senses is not a good ally if you want to get close.

Make sure that no annoying noises as will the more nervous of what’s cat. Speak softly. They are very sensitive to the tone of our voice.

If you know the source of fear cat, remove it from sight. Sometimes they scared of people, animals, the firelight, lights, television, toys, and children. It is important to look where the cat is watching. There will be the “monster closet”.

You can even imitate the sound coming from mother to offspring, which is a mixture with purring meow. This is useful in small cats, even before reaching the heat in some cases. But watch how they imitate the cat because it can be confused with the calls of males in heat and can represent scary for an invitation to fight, which is the least wish at that time.

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