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How to Calm Nerves Naturally

How to Calm Nerves Naturally

Believe it or not, exercise helps you organize your thoughts and avoid stress while favoring the production of endorphins.

Nervousness is one of the most common problems of modern society. We get nervous when we have to get to work on time, when we observe our boss or when we are organizing our wedding.

Arguably, in these cases, even “normal” to feel that way. The problem is when the nerves are the rule and not the exception. In this article we tell you how to calm them naturally.

Nerves and unrest:

A person who is not at peace cannot enjoy life and what happens to him. Be quiet power is something to which many aspire but cannot. Especially today, it seems that the hustle and stimuli are the order of the day.

Life is as normal nerve that is not to be strange and do not experience it as often. There are many reasons that generate this feeling. The most common are:

Unbalanced diet

If you eat badly the nervous system will be unbalanced and thus be easier to cause problems and mood swings. Careless diet causes a lot of weaknesses, not only physically but also emotionally and mentally.

High consumption of drinks such as soft drinks or alcohol, as well as products too sugary or fried causes degeneration of the nervous system.

Lack of trust

In terms of feelings we can state that personal insecurity or the amount of problems and pressures may make us more nervous. For its part, not knowing what happens to us may also be the basis of a bad mood, nerves or stress.

Sedentary life

It causes many physical problems such as, poor oxygenation and nutrition of the brain. This detrimentally affects the body.

In turn, no physical exercise prevents stress and toxins are released, therefore, always sitting or lying does not improve nervousness, quite the contrary.

Insomnia and bad breath

Not enough sleep properly can affect the way we view the world and how we take our surroundings.

If you have insomnia or not rest well at night it is more likely that the next day we have a bad mood, we are nervous or irritable.

For its part, the ragged and shallow breathing is counterproductive to our state of tranquility and can cause anxiety, despair and other negative symptoms.

However, if slowly, will serve to focus and calm down.

How to calm nerves naturally?

With these tips, you can perform at home, it will be easier to be calm and avoid all the problems associated with nervousness:

Exercise Regularly

If you cannot take exercise every day then must take 2 to 3 times a week. However, it is better if at least you do 30 minutes of daily physical activity. It can be biking, taking walks or walking your dog.

The practice of exercise has many benefits, because it regulates and prevents stress get nervous about anything.

Count to 100

If you think that will take a while … Better yet! That’s what you need to calm nerves and leave aside. When a specific situation will get tense, start counting from 1 up to 100.

You will see that at the end you will feel much more relaxed and prepared for that particular activity.

This in turn will serve to display everything will be fine and there will be problems. Think about how things will turn out as you expect and have confidence in your abilities.

Breathing consciously

Breathing exercises are simple and easy techniques to perform at any time … Even in the office or on the subway! Breaths must be met for a given time, according to the threshold crossing being nervousness.

The most basic method is to inspire a count of 8. Then curb the air count of 4 and release again saying the numbers from 1 to 8. This process can be repeated as often as necessary until you feel the difference.

Take a hot bath

Coming home after a really exhausting day at work is synonymous with nerves, you fight with your partner or not being able to sleep all night. To prevent this from happening you can enjoy a wonderful warm bath with salt or foam.

You can add a few drops of lavender essential oil or a handful of dried flowers of the plant.

In case you do not you can expect to be in your home, you can massage the temples in a circular with an essential oil (plus lavender can be of mint or eucalyptus, which reduce stress and promote calmness).

Reduce your intake of alcohol and caffeine

When we are nervous we almost always find “trial” obligations. It is therefore common that we want to accelerate processes and other drinking a cup of coffee.

In the case of alcoholic drinks we consume as a way to escape problems or to supposedly spend wonders after a horrible day.

However, both caffeine and alcohol increase the symptoms of anxiety, irritability and nervousness. It should then do everything possible to eliminate from the diet.

Instead opt for coffee and green tea instead of alcohol, juices. In turn, you can drink tea Valerian, linden or lemon balm.

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