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How to Care for a Parrot at Home

How to Care for a Parrot at Home

The basic care of the parrot
First of all, if there is a parrot at home, we must take into account a very extreme hygiene and cleanliness of both the parrot and its cage. It is known that parrots can transmit diseases if precautions are not taken. Parasites, for example, are very common in this pet, so check your paws, nails and cage accessories frequently to avoid infection or other types of problems that can lead to parrots.

Today there are many products that help prevent the onset of red mites. Its plumage is also delicate and therefore must always keep it neat against possible inflammations that may have for lack of control. When making the decision to have a parrot, you must take full consciousness that it requires more care than a dog or a cat.

When we notice some abnormality in the horny beak tissue we should consult a veterinarian to advise us the best product to buy for insects and parasites to disappear completely. Once a day, it is necessary to spray the parrot with fresh water and keep its container with plenty of fresh water. The cage must be well cleaned, and there are days that have to be washed twice because the parrots are birds that defecate a lot. It is great to help spray the parrot more often in the summer, always controlling the temperature of the water which must be warm.

Another factor to keep in mind is to put in special parrot carrier with some toys since the parrot is very restless and need to be distracted. These toys can be yogurt cups, toilet paper cartons to be placed outside the cage, or simple pieces of wood that we will hang and that should also be washed when cleaning the cage.

Parrots like all pets need the pampering of their owners and at least an hour of dedication to them since they are very demanding and it is not convenient to spend the whole day isolated and alone. It is essential to pay attention to them, to be with them and to feel accompanied. If they must be alone at home it is essential to leave them toys to keep them entertained and not miss their owners so much.

It is emphasized that a feature to be remarked is that some types of parrots show a preference for a certain sex to maintain an effective relationship with the people of the house. And do not forget that in addition to the hygienic care, the best care for a parrot and the main, is to accompany and feed properly, emphasizing showing affection and affection. If you leave them alone during the day, if you do not speak to them, or sing them or just stay by their side, the parrot will become rebellious, lonely and abandoned, and their behavior will change radically.

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