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How to cure Earache Quickly

How to cure Earache Quickly

No one, including the most unpleasant discomfort is earache doubt. The same is a child than an adult, when this condition occurs, the person despairs and does not see the moment of relief. However, there are ways to remedy this terrible situation with immediacy important thing is to know what is the problem and apply some of the following home methods to cure earache quickly, which have been validated through generations.

What is an earache?

Before you start applying remedies to combat this condition, the first step should be to know what an earache. This discomfort is nothing more than an inflammation of the tissue covering the area, produced by irritation or damage. Not necessarily must have infection, but if excess fluid and mucus.

The external ear canal has a tube called the Eustachian which equalizes air pressure. So when we travel by plane we feel that sound like a plug. It is our mechanism to regulate the pressure. If it ignites it increases its size and, of course, the ducts close. The rest of the ear structures then become inflamed and all this leads to pain.

Common causes of earache

The most common causes of ear pain are:

  • Infections
  • Eardrum injury
  • Sinusitis
  • Introduction of objects in the ear
  • Pharyngitis

Home methods for earache

The most effective anti earache methods consist of draining the tissue to lower inflammation and the body stops sending these signals to the brain. Drops of different products that have anti-inflammatory properties and remove excess liquid applied. Here are some of homemade products:

Basil: Basil leaves are crushed and its juice, which applies a few drops in the ear, is removed.

Olive oil: Warms a little olive oil and then 3 or 4 drops into the ear canal are applied using a dropper. This lubricates the area, disinflames and helps fight infections.

Garlic: Garlic know plenty analgesic and antibiotic properties of garlic. If teeth are well crushed and extracted their juice can put a few drops in the ear. It is one of the most effective natural remedies to fight infection and reduce inflammation and pain.

Mango: Making mango leaves and put them to cool. Then extract its juice and apply a few drops in the ear canal keeping them overnight. Work wonders whether to remove the earache is.

Do not waste time going to the pharmacy if you want to cure an earache quickly. Use one of the above, easy to perform just go into the kitchen and follow our signs home methods. But remember that the ear is a very sensitive organ so if the pain is not relieved in a few hours, you should consult your doctor.

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