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How to develop your bottom and improve your Breathing

How to develop your bottom and improve your Breathing

To improve your fitness in running, it is essential to work their background and breathe effectively throughout the effort. The fund’s ability to maintain a level of intensity on a speed race. Specific to each runner, endurance capabilities allow progress without noticing excessive fatigue at the end of the effort. To increase your stamina, each runner even beginner should run with a perfect breathing capacity throughout the race.

  1. How do you breathe?

To run good intensity without shortness of breath, we must learn to breathe properly. Each rider can learn to manage your breathing outside period’s career:

A simple technique:

Stand, back straight and look forward.

– Inspiration for a long time through the mouth and nose.

– Expires gently through the mouth and nose, putting the guts to within the maximum.

– Inspires again inflating the casing as it is making inspiration.

In short, for a work background in running, you have to breathe naturally without using complicated techniques.

  1. What is the background?

In running, the fund is required to endure physical and morally race distance whatever (5, 10, or 20 km marathon). Defined by “and ability to resist” the bottom line is specific to each corridor. This effort allows you to reach the end in good physical condition. For some, the resistance or background is linked to the work of the heart (cardiac), for others the breath (breathing) or muscles (ability to provide an effort without suffering). You have to know that resistance is also nurtured by the will and a positive mind

  1. How to find your ideal background speed?

If after a few minutes of running, air you need … you have to assess the ability of fund you belong. For that, just make a simple little test without calculation or measurement apparatus: the talk-test.

It takes place during the race wondering:

– Am I able to hold a conversation or recite a text aloud without me short of breath?

If you succeed without the air you miss, you’re running at good speed.

Otherwise, if you need air talking for your effort, you are working outside your comfort zone background (or more than 70% of your maximum heart rate).

The talk test allows the rider to quickly adapt your effort during the race if he runs above its level of intensity. Therefore reduce the rate, it will alternate periods racing and running to lower your heart rate. You can concentrate more on your breathing.

  1. Aerobic, Anaerobic

To better understand the factors in the background, you must know the different types of effort:

– The aerobic work: includes intense efforts and short (no more than 7 seconds) and requires a recovery period of about 5 minutes. This work requires aerobic oxygen supply.

– The anaerobic work: includes moderate effort (no more than one minute). After an anaerobic effort, full recovery may take an hour. This background work does not require oxygen.

> An effort that exceeds one minute consumes oxygen. These aerobic exercises can be endured for hours.

Background exercises always take place in aerobic zone.

  1. The measured values ​​Background

Two values ​​respiratory flow or amount used:

  1. The VO2max

The measure of maximum oxygen consumption (VO2max) allows knowing the respiratory capacity of the corridor during exercise. Summarizing encrypts the amount of oxygen that the lungs are able to absorb along an intense effort. Accurate measurement of VO2 max is calculated laboratory.

  1. The VMA

The measure of the maximum aerobic speed (VMA) corresponds to the running speed that allows the heart to take the most of their respiratory capacity. The idea is to run at a speed that can hold as long as possible. This speed generally corresponds to 70% of the VMA.

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