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How to do Pushups for Beginners

How to do Pushups for Beginners

Inflections are free and effective way to work the muscles of the arms, shoulders and chest to strengthen them. This exercise uses the weight of your own body as resistance, but you must do it properly to avoid injury. If you had difficulty doing pull-ups in the past or this is the first time you try to include them in your exercise routine, there are some factors to consider. Check with your doctor before starting a routine of push ups to rule out any restrictions.


Start with modified push-ups. If you’ve never done before or cannot perform push ups traditional,  modified push-ups can help you refine your technique and develop muscle groups necessary. Get situated approximately one arm’s length away from a wall, facing it. Pretend that the wall is the floor and lower your body until your chin touch him, bending arms at the elbows and then raising you to the starting position. It increases the difficulty of these bends gradually getting high wall farther from it.

pushups with knees supported


Start with push-ups with knees supported once you master the wall pushups. Kneel on the floor with palms flat on the floor in front of you, separated by the width of the shoulders. Make the same movement down the wall which you used but employ it to lower your body toward the floor until your chin rubbing it and then raise yourself to the starting position. Realize to be comfortable enough to try to make the standard pushups.

Be in a position of standard bends. Lie down on the floor in a straight line with palms on it approximately separated by the width of your shoulders. Elevate the floor until your arms are stretched completely. Keep right palms on the floor and feet together, so that only the fingertips touch the ground. Do not let your back bend; instead, focus on keeping a straight line with your spine. Keeps your head level looking down instead of forward on push up mat.

Lower shoulder

Slowly lower your body toward the floor by bending your arms at the elbows and holding you with the muscles of your shoulders, arms and chest to keep your firm body. Keep your spine aligned to avoid bending your back or your neck as you lower your body towards the floor. Lower until your chest or your jaw off the floor but not enough to rest the weight of your body on it.

Push yourself up, keeping the same line with the column until start back the starting position with arms outstretched. Perform the number of repetitions you want.

Change the position of your hands to your shoulders in relation to work different muscle groups. About your hands until they touch and carries the same bending movements to work more triceps. Place your hands off the shoulder area in an extended position to work more pectoral muscles. beginners can also use pushup bars while you start doing pushups for the first time.

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