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How to do squats correctly at home

How to do squats correctly at home1

The squat is one of those essential exercises that give us incredible benefits whatever you are looking for. Although at first it seems a very easy and uncomplicated exercise, there are many variants that can complicate its realization. In addition, the technique is very important, because if we do not do it correctly it will not only benefit us, but we can injure ourselves.

Do squats correctly is not just stoop and get up, there are different factors that we must master and take into account to do it safely and activating all muscle groups. If you are wondering how to do squats correctly at home, in the following article we explain it to you.

Steps to follow:

1.The benefits of squats are many, and in this article we tell you, but to get them you do not need any type of machinery, you just have to use a good execution technique even if you are at home.

For this, the position of the body is very important, in which you must look before starting the movement. This means that the feet must be separated at the same distance as the shoulders, that is, that your feet and shoulders are on the same perpendicular line.


2.Once correctly positioned to do the squat you should contract the abdomen so that when you do the movement the lower back is protected by these muscles.

Once you have the body well placed you can start with the movement. This movement must emulate the gesture you make when you sit down. A good technique is to imagine that you are sitting in a chair that should end up touching with your buttocks. The movement should not be down, but back, starting from the pelvis and not from the knees as many people mistakenly believe.

How to do squats correctly at home

3.You will notice that many people perform squats by putting a ball between their knees, this is because the factors that determine how to do squats correctly at home is the fact that they should never come together or open. In turn, while performing squats, knees should never pass the vertical line marked by the tip of your feet.

Depending on what you look for with your squat training at home, you will need a greater or lesser angle of flexion, although you usually opt for deep inflections, with an angle that can reach 120 degrees.

The same happens with the speed of execution, depending on your goals you should opt for one rhythm or another, but at the beginning it is important to do slow squats until you perfectly master the correct execution.


4.There are different factors that must be taken into account when doing squats correctly at home. One of the most important things when doing squats is to distribute the weight well on the feet. We must not support the weight in the outer area of ​​the feet or a specific area of ​​the plant, but should be distributed throughout the plant evenly.


5.Over the years the hip is losing mobility, more if we do not offer an adequate exercise. Squats are a perfect exercise to recover all your ability to flex, but for this, you must do a good hip flexion with which to reverse the shortening of the hip flexors, a disorder that affects many people and that can find a cure in this exercise.


6.A good squat technique requires some strength in the quadriceps and glutes. A good toning in these muscle groups will help us when we raise the upper body does not go forward, keeping the back upright and in a good position.

When you take a few sessions and your work is noticed, it will be easier for you to do squats correctly at home, making your effort even more rewarding.


7.The muscular coordination is another of the key points to take into account to do squats correctly at home. Maybe in your first sessions it will cost you, so it is important not to try to go very fast if it is at the cost of losing quality.

You have to maintain control over the different muscle groups, flexing and extending them so that the movements are synchronized.

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