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How to drink water to lose weight

How to drink water to lose weight

There are great contradictions in all discussions dealing with the issue of drinking water to lose weight. In fact, if you Google you’ll probably find hundreds of blogs health and beauty where it is recommended to lose weight by drinking water, but is there any real information confirming Weight Loss remedies with the liquid that forms most of the body?

Water thins. Myth or Reality?

That water is needed to keep the body hydrated and to reduce the risk of diseases or complications internally we all know. But research published in 2013 confirmed that yes, that drinking water helps you lose weight.

Specifically, this study was conducted in a university hospital Charité Berlin called and was directed by Rebecca Muckelbauer, professor of nutrition at the School of Public Health in Berlin.

The first thing he did was go to 5,000 researchers from different scientific papers references in which the ratio of water weight loss was. Of these, only 11 showed that water consumption is related to weight loss.

Based on its own study, seniors who introduced the habit of drinking a liter of water more than previously drank while they carried out a slimming diet, they managed to lose more than all the people who did not change the amount of ingested water.

But these results do not allow us to say that drinking water thins. Rather we can conclude that drinking water while wearing a slimming diet can result in weight reduction faster and more effectively than in the case of drinking less water.

This could be explained by the increase in energy expenditure that occurs in the body when you drink water for satiety of the person who drinks water before eating and acceleration of metabolism in general.

But studies for all and many of them have revealed that most overweight people drink more water than people in normal weight and healthy environment. So these studies show that water fat? Well, not necessarily because there is no guaranteed water evidence that fat or water thins.

Let studies aside for a moment and think logically true:

How many sodas, smoothies and juices high in sugar and calories you drink throughout the day?

What if you replace all those drinks glasses of water?

Well, except that you will have less risk of developing type 2 diabetes or kidney stones accumulate, will serve to reduce calorie intake. In fact, consumption of such beverages may be seen as a third or even half, of the amount recommended calorie diet. If you replace water become slim faster.

But the results obtained from the study and discussed the association between losing weight and drinking water is still certainly inconsistent. So much that claim, it is not proven 100% water help you lose weight.

What it is demonstrated is that water has powerful benefits for the body and is necessary to survive and maintain a healthy lifestyle liquid. However, if you want to lose weight put the batteries with these daily exercises to lose weight, reduce fatty foods and packaged products and you’ll notice how you’re reducing weight slowly.

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