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How to heal Insect Bites, Bees and Mosquitoes


How to heal Insect Bites, Bees and MosquitoesInsect bites, bees and mosquitoes can be painful and irritating. In some cases, the body reacts negatively to them and may require emergency assistance. To minimize the risks, remember first aid you should know.

In the case of insect bites, apply cold compresses to the affected area. If the person shows involuntary muscle movement, call for emergency help immediately.

If you kill the bug, you can take with you to the emergency to identify and treat where the person who suffered the picket line.

Bee Stings

These cause swelling. In some cases, the stinger stays inside and should be removed immediately.

  1. Use a credit card or any thin and flexible to scrape the stinger from the skin object.
  2. Although many believe that removing the barbed fingers or tweezers spread more poison. That’s not true. Take it out the sooner the better.
  3. If there are multiple bee stings, call your doctor immediately.
  4. There are rare cases of bites that cause severe allergic reactions. Symptoms include redness in much of the body, difficulty breathing, swelling of lips and eyes. Call 086 immediately.

 Mosquito Bites

It is easy to recognize a mosquito bite by itching and red bumps of at least 1 cm in diameter that cause.

  1. Cold compresses, as they offer immediate relief.
  2. If you have too many pickets, an oatmeal bath helps in the affected part.

Remember to keep your children protected with the use of appropriate clothing and applying repellents.

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