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How to make the five most pleasant massages

The areas that we will deal with these massages are not usually the most maintained, so our body will thank you even more. Good massages are priceless. Although a good professional can delight us for a while, they can never overcome the well-being that gives us massages that can make us as a couple, at home. In this article we give the keys to give the five most pleasant massages. They are simple and may not know they could give so much pleasure. Try them!
Getting Started massages
Before we begin to consider some factors that influence massages end up being perfect:
A warm and welcoming light, such as lamp Himalayan salt or candles.
Or quiet place with soft music. We recommend testing with sounds of nature as, for example, rain or a stream.
The Ideal temperature, neither cold nor hot.
A good massage oil or, if desired, even with relaxing essential oils (lavender, chamomile, orange) or stimulants (cinnamon, ginger, mint).
The feet
The feet support our weight throughout the day, so they are one of the body parts that touch us most appreciate.
Although we are not experts in reflexology, there are some techniques that will awaken all kinds of feelings in the other person.
It is recommended to start first gently, stroking the whole foot, then go to massage more intensely more localized way:
Tighten firmly the feet, as if we make them closer.
Perform pressures on the heels and sides, especially on the inside, which corresponds to the back.
Drag the fist from the bottom up, from the heel to the pads.
Press and drag on top of the foot between the tendons.
The calves are the great forgotten. However, the muscles of the twins often tense for too many hours standing, for doing sport or by walking the wrong way.

We’ll start again, stroking with an open hand and fingers wide apart, as if they were a big comb, from the ankles to the back of the knee.
Repeat it doing more pressure. We can do this by hand or fist. Avoid putting pressure on the area behind the knee.
Fist will also dab across the central part of the twins.
We will give a few pinches with the whole hand, squeezing the sides of the calf, also in an upward direction.
We arrived at the buttocks, another part of the body with a lot of tension and, moreover, it is important to relax for good health of the entire lumbar area.
If the buttocks are strong but not tense, not the lumbar contracture. It is also a very pleasant area.
We will open good hands, one on each buttock, and we will drop our weight on one side and then the other, as if we make bigger hips.
We draw circles with enough pressure, surrounding the Ischia bones, which are the base of the pelvis.
We end up hitting the buttocks with clenched fists.
The head does not hold the physical body weight, but it holds our mental burden, which is even heavier and exhausting.
The tensions that we live in our head accumulate and cause a pressure that sometimes does not stop even at night.
We will open your hands and canvass the head, fingers splayed, from the neck to the forehead.
We will do the same route but making circles with your fingers, mean pressure, moving a little scalp.
This massage is also a good remedy to stimulate hair growth and to combat insomnia.
Although we skipped the back, which is the most common area to massage, we have done it on purpose to focus on an area not usually play and that, however, gives very rewarding results:
We cherish the arms from the shoulders to the hands, almost without touching them. Then we will with more intensity.
Repeat the tour by gently pinching with an open hand.
We’ll take arms in the air and shake. The other person should drop them completely.
Massaged hands from the wrist to nails and, with clenched fist, well will push the palm.

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