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How to Naturally Regulate Sugar Levels in the Blood

How to Naturally Regulate Sugar Levels in the Blood

People who suffer from high levels of blood sugar must constantly find ways to control it since, not to pay attention, can result in a serious consequence as death. When a person is healthy levels of blood sugar should be between 80 and 100 milligrams per deciliter. Glucose is regulated by a hormone called insulin, which is responsible for managing the levels of blood sugar. However, people with diabetes do not produce this hormone or create resistance to it, so it is very difficult to regulate the high levels of blood sugar.

Although a person with diabetes should get in medical control to regulate sugar levels in the blood, you can also consider some recommendations and natural remedies that can help combat this problem.

Exercise regularly

The blood sugar serves as a fuel in the body and the more effort we make, the greater the fuel it needs. A good exercise routine can be helpful in the fight against high levels of blood sugar and may also reduce insulin requirements when patients are already dependent on it. A good option is to adopt a daily routine of 20 or 30 minutes of exercise.

Reduce consumption of carbohydrates

Any type of food that provides carbohydrates to the body, eventually affects the increase in blood glucose. To prevent and combat high levels of blood sugar is recommended to minimize the consumption of foods rich in carbohydrates.

Increase protein intake

The consumption of lean protein, such as those that provide fish, chicken breast or pork loin, helps reduce the conversion of carbohydrates into glucose in the blood, which makes it easier to control the high sugar levels the blood.

Eat several times a day

People with high levels of blood sugar should eat at least every two or three hours some kind of healthy food. This is necessary since this health problem often leads to sudden drops in the level of blood sugar, which will make the person feel craving for something sweet.

Practice relaxation techniques

When a person is always stressed at high risk for liver to release glycogen into the bloodstream. Glycogen is a secondary storage of glucose which can quickly raise levels of blood sugar. If possible, you should practice relaxation techniques and taking the time to fight stress.


Several studies have found that cinnamon has a positive effect on the treatment of diabetes and high levels of blood sugar. This kind of easy commercially available can help improve the body’s sensitivity to insulin, and because of this, the body will be less dependent on this hormone to regulate sugar levels in the blood.

Research has determined that the cactus could be very effective in reducing high levels of blood glucose. The cactus contains plenty of fiber and other substances that manage and normalize the metabolism of sugar, so it is ideal for people who suffer from diabetes.


Another spice that should be present in the diet of people with high levels of blood sugar is garlic. It has been found that constant consumption of this spice can reduce levels of blood sugar in patients with type 1 diabetes and type 2. This benefit is that garlic has the ability to normalize glucose metabolism also contain some substances that have a similar insulin action.


Research by the University of Gezira, Sudan, found that consuming 100 grams of raw onion a day can reduce blood sugar levels in the blood of patients with type 1 diabetes and type 2 This benefit is due to the onion is rich in flavonoids and sulfur.

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