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How to relieve pain during childbirth

How to relieve pain during childbirth 2

There is no magic formula to relieve pain during childbirth; however, there are some techniques that promote relaxation to increase tolerance to it. Although their severity varies in each woman, in general, they all want to be more prepared to face it.

The pain is caused by contractions of the muscles and pressure on the cervix. Some compare it with severe menstrual cramps, while others feel intense pressure that extends to the sides, thighs and back.

In any case, it is a constant symptom that can increase, especially when accompanied by stress and anxiety at the moment. Therefore, it is convenient to learn to handle it naturally so that it is not so traumatic.

Tips to relieve pain during childbirth

Pain during labor is a response of the body to repeated contractions of the uterus to facilitate the baby’s movement. Its degree of severity varies in each woman, but it can lead to a state of exhaustion that sometimes prolongs the birth.

Due to this, some habits and therapeutic methods that reduce tension have been promoted for some time. These aim to prepare the mother before giving birth to assume it calmly and more tolerance to pain.

Do regular physical exercise

One of the best habits to relieve pain during childbirth is physical exercise. Although it is not convenient to adopt intense routines during pregnancy, it is good to do some low-impact activities that strengthen the pelvic floor and maintain physical resistance.

Its regular practice prepares the body for the stress of labor and reduces the risk of complications and tears. In addition, it promotes postpartum recovery and is a key to maintain an adequate weight.

How to relieve pain during childbirth


Ask the doctor what types of exercises you can do at each stage of pregnancy. Try to make them under the supervision of a professional to avoid bad postures or risky movements.

Hot shower

The birth in the water is a method that has been extended as an alternative to reduce labor pains. However, immersion in water is not recommended until the dilatation phase. Therefore, to reduce the discomfort you can take a hot shower.


Enjoy a short hot shower, accompanied by your partner or someone you trust in case there is an emergency.

Deep breathing

In some hospitals they teach relaxation techniques a few weeks before the birth. Its purpose is to help prepare the mother-to-be so that she learns to handle the pain when the time comes to give birth. It also reduces muscle tension and increases the feeling of tranquility.


Perform deep and slow breathing exercises, trying to concentrate fully on it.


The application of a gentle massage at some strategic points of the body can help relieve pain during childbirth. The ideal thing is to apply them on the feet, legs and back, to minimize the discomfort caused by tension.


Ask your partner or a family member to apply a gentle massage. Avoid massaging sensitive areas to avoid complications. If you wish, use complementary tools to do massages.

Hot compresses

If labor pain extends to the lower back and hips, the use of warm compresses can help reduce it. The direct application of heat has a slight analgesic effect that diminishes this symptom.


Heat a small seed pillow in the microwave and apply it carefully.

Optionally, dip a cloth in hot water and do the same procedure.

Walk and make movements

Free movements can be useful to relieve pain during childbirth. Since staying in bed can be very stressful, it is best to walk and do simple stretches, low risk. This decreases anxiety and calms the feeling of tension.


Walk in the corridor of the hospital center or stand up from the stretcher and make gentle movements.

Avoid staying for a long time lying down or in the same position.

Finally, remember that it is beneficial to have a trusted person next to you. Ask your partner to be present, or, look for support in a family member. The company decreases in many cases the need for interventions such as cesareans and the use of epidural anesthesia.

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