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How to Remove Acne from Face

How to Remove Acne from FaceAcne is a problem suffered by teenagers and most adults; many people wonder how to eliminate face acne quickly and effectively to get back a flawless skin. Today we find a variety of products on the market, giving you several options and treatments to get rid of acne, but the key is to find some kind of treatment that suits your skin type and your needs so you get good results.

In order to get the best way to eliminate acne, you should know what causes acne and factors that aggravate the condition.

Acne is caused by elements such as sweat and dirt on your skin.

Stress is another factor that causes the appearance of acne and the best way to avoid it is resting and getting enough sleep accompanied by a healthy diet.

Touch and pinch pimples or pimples with dirty hands.

In women acne is terrible when you start your period and men appear due to a hormone called androgen, the hormone does increase the production of sebum leading to acne.

The use of certain cosmetics make acne appears, you must know what type of skin you have and buy your cosmetics based on this.


  1. Wash your face

To control the bacteria that cause acne, you need to wash your face 2 times a day, once in the morning and one at night. In the morning wash your face with warm water, this is the most important step you have to follow because with this you can remove the dirt, dead skin cells and bacteria that can have on your face.

  1. Change your towel frequently

You should know that continuing to maintain in use your towels even though they are visibly clean do appear pimples on your face, so you have to change your towel regularly so that you avoid your face into contact with bacteria and dust that these they may have.

  1. Eat Raw Foods

Instead of eating junk food, you have to eat raw vegetables and fruits, these foods are rich in nutrients and eating a raw food diet can help you get rid of hormonal problems in your body.

  1. Use a Mask Egg

Make a mask with egg white and lemon drops, use it where you have pimples and leave on for 30 minutes, then wash your face with warm water.

Now that you know how to eliminate acne of the face, you will have no excuse to get rid of those ugly pimples and blackheads, besides being able to wear clean, beautiful and free face acne without resorting to drugs or methods that may be you expensive.

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