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How to Remove Calluses and Foot Naturally

How to Remove Calluses and Foot Naturally

If you have corns on the feet or hands are some useful natural tips and recommended to remove calluses easily. We found the most desirable.

Corns consist of a skin area where an accumulation of keratin, primarily caused by compaction of inert dead cells belonging to the epidermis occurs. Basically we could say that corns are an area of ​​thick, hardened skin, especially appear as a result of repeated and prolonged, either by pressure or friction on skin friction. Therefore they appear on the top or on the side of some of the toes, by wearing shoes that do not fit well.

You can also become a protective reaction, which appears in areas of the body subject to friction or pressure, why can not only find them on the feet but also his hands, which depend to a greater or lesser degree of physical activity the person exercising. Thus, for example, is extremely frequent presence of calluses on the hands of those who perform work with them daily.

From a medical point of view, the podiatrist is the specialist responsible for assessing whether the calluses present on the feet are due to sign overhead, while more conventional treatments for removal consist mostly of removal by scalpel, a technique medically known by the name of chiropody. However, did you know that it is possible to remove calluses naturally at home with some tips and tricks basic?

Why Corns appear?

There are several causes that may cause or result in the appearance of corns and calluses:

Pressure on the skin maladjusted Footwear: is one of the most common causes, consisting of wearing shoes that fit poorly the foot. Therefore usually they appear on the sole.

Friction due to the footwear, when a misadjusted or too tight shoe is used tends to cause some friction that causes thickening and hardness in friction area.

For certain activities when calluses appear on the hands, its main causes have to do with the activity carried out by the person (e.g., a bricklayer, a gardener … and even use weights).

Natural remedy aspirin and lemon

Believe it or not, aspirin combined with lemon juice becomes an excellent natural treatment to help calluses disappear. To make this natural remedy just have to grind with a mortar 7 aspirins. Then squeezes a lemon and add a few drops of lemon as much water, and mix well to form a paste.

Now Apply the paste on the callus try, I cover it well with a cloth or a plastic bag. Heat a napkin and place it over the plastic, leaving it on for 20 minutes. Finally remove the aspirin paste and lemon with hot water, let it dry and rub gently with a pumice stone.

Garlic juice to soften calluses

The juice of freshly crushed fresh garlic is ideal for it. You only have to crush a clove of garlic, mix with a little olive oil and make a paste then you should apply on the callus. Finally wrapped with a sock and let stand overnight.

Feet soaked in chamomile tea

Chamomile is also useful to soften the hardened areas of the feet and hands option. This remedy is simply to soak your feet in chamomile tea, leaving it on until the water cools.

Infusion Chamomile Feet

To elaborate boiled in a liter of water equivalent to 5 tablespoons of chamomile flowers. Then put the drink in a bowl or large bucket and when cool slightly soaked feet.

Citric acid to reduce and eliminate the callus

Citric acid Lemon is another suitable option to reduce calluses and get easily removes them. This time you should just cut a sliced ​​lemon, apply on the area to be treated and wrap with a bandage to keep arising. Leave it overnight.

Castor oil and its qualities anti-calluses

Castor oil, applied daily three times a day, helps remove calluses softening them naturally. To get it you just have to rub some of this oil on the callus, the indicated times per day.

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