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How to remove kidney stones naturally?

How to remove kidney stones naturally

Those who have suffered kidney stones say that there is no greater and uncomfortable pain. The truth is that removing kidney stones is not easy, especially when they have reached a certain size.

Beyond consuming medicines, it is always good to consider some recipes and home treatments to prevent them or help, as far as possible, to expel them and not bother them anymore.

Data on kidney stones

The stones in the kidneys can be formed by various causes and are very painful in the process of expulsion, as well as causing burning when urinating. They can be related to infections in the urinary tract or a predisposition to form them (due to inheritance, medical treatments, etc.

Other consequences of kidney stones are vomiting, nausea or bloody urine. This last symptom can be a very traumatic situation, but it will help us to realize that something is not right and that we should consult a doctor without fail.

Tips to prevent and help eliminate kidney stones

Keep in mind that calculations can be re-formed if we do not carry out adequate prevention. Therefore, nothing better than these three tips that can be used as a treatment both to prevent and to help eliminate kidney stones.

  1. Drink a lot of liquid

Especially water. While you may not feel like drinking liquids when everything hurts because of the calculations, do not stop doing it, because it is very important that you stay hydrated. If you lack hydration in the process of expelling the stones, you will feel very bad.

In turn, drinking lots of water helps prevent the formation of new stones. The low levels of urine cause the body to concentrate solid substances that do not favor the situation.

When elements such as oxalate, calcium and uric acid are accumulated in the kidneys, all the factors necessary for the formation of stones, that is, crystals or solids, which, when descending through urine, are very painful, are given.

So, do not stop drinking water or juice as much as you can, even if it’s winter. Two liters per day are advised if you are an adult. In winter you can substitute tea or infusions, but coffee does not count.

  1. Eat more vegetables and fruits

There are some foods that are very good to prevent the appearance of kidney stones and in turn, to increase your defenses and strengthen the immune system. This helps avoid other diseases or unpleasant pictures that could further aggravate the pain.

It is advisable to consume between 5 and 7 pieces of vegetables and fruits per day in order to disintegrate the stones, as well as to prevent them from forming and to accumulate calcium in regions prone to create such unwanted stones, such as the kidneys, the bladder or the urinary tract in general.

One of the foods that best serves to eliminate kidney stones are Asparagus, whether fresh, canned or frozen. They contain a substance that dissolves the stones or diminishes them, so that their elimination is easier.

Asparagus serves to increase activity within the kidneys and increase the flow of urine, so they are very good for those who have problems with fluid retention.

  1. Eat a lot of vitamin C

This nutrient should be one of the most recurrent in your meals, because it will be an excellent ally in the battle against kidney stones. Although vitamin C can facilitate the accumulation of oxalate, the truth is that it is very good at disintegrating calcium and stones.

Prepare and drink orange juice every day, especially on an empty stomach. Do not leave aside any other citrus fruit, such as lemon, lime, grapefruit or pineapple. With them you can prepare delicious juices and smoothies, with diuretic and refreshing properties for the summer.

In turn, citrus fruits are very good at increasing your defenses, so you will be more prepared to eliminate kidney stones and when you do, you will not feel so devastated and sore.

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