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How to Remove Tanning Instantly

How to Remove Tanning Instantly

Being brown or wearing a spectacular tan is not a pleasant or aesthetic thing for all women, as many prefer to keep their natural skin tone all year round and not expose themselves to the sun. However, when we go to the beach or the pool and anywhere outside in sun we always tan lightly but if you are one of those who do not want to look brown, do not worry, in the following article we offer some simple tips that you can put into practice to show a Uniform skin tone and no sun marks. Keep reading and find out how to remove the tan easily.


Although the body by itself expels the dead skin cells, to accelerate the removal of the tan it is best to exfoliate the body and face twice a week at least using a specific exfoliant for each of them. you should use tan eraser too. In this way, you will eliminate the superficial layer of the dermis giving way to the unbrushed skin underneath.

Do not forget that after the exfoliation, it will be necessary to hydrate the skin very well applying a moisturizer. Repeat this step several times a day to make the dermis regenerate faster.

Every time you shower, it is preferable to use a vegetable sponge to lather the body and gently rub the skin with it. This type of sponges are ideal to favor the exfoliation of the skin and to eliminate all the dead cells, obtaining thus the tanning lasts less time.

Steam baths are also good alternatives when we want to get rid of the tan as soon as possible. These allow the pores of the skin to open more easily, so they provide a deep dermis cleansing and help to soften the tan.

In addition to the above tips, you can also make use of some natural remedies indicated to lighten the skin and, therefore, to achieve a more uniform and clear tone. There are several options that you have at your disposal but one of the most popular is the whitening mask that is made with lemon and natural yogurt. To make it, you just have to mix 3 tablespoons of lemon juice with 3 tablespoons of natural yogurt, then spread it over the area to be rinsed and let it act for 30 minutes. Finally, rinse with plenty of cold or warm water. It is important that while you apply this mask do not stay in the sun, as you may appear spots on the skin. You can also use tan removal cream for quick results.

Another one of the best natural allies to clarify the tone of the skin is the milk, an option of the simplest thing that you can take to remove the brunette. You just have to moisten a cotton disc with a little milk and pass it over those areas that you want to bleach. For the results to be excellent, it is best to let the milk act all night on the skin.

Cucumber is a food that in addition to favoring the removal of the tan, calms and relieves the discomfort and burning caused by sunburn. So if your skin is resentful after a day at the beach or pool, do not hesitate to liquefy a cucumber and apply its juice on the sore area.

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