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How to teach a Parrot to Speak

How to teach a Parrot to Speak

Here we will teach you how to do it:

When we plan to acquire a parrot as a pet, we all think of an animal that will greet us in the morning, that will give us good night and at other times we will have good times with your words. But the truth is that for your parrot to speak, you will need to know what steps you should follow. Here we will show you which ones.

Make him feel comfortable

The first thing you must do to achieve the goal of your parrot talking is to make it feel good in its new environment.

How to get it?

Get a wide cage. Remember, you want this bird to be your friend, not your prisoner. In a large environment where you can move with limited freedom, the animal will feel more at ease and help you achieve your goal faster: let your parrot speak.

Forget the myths. It is not strange to find on the Internet advice such as covering the cage with a rag to get your parrot to speak faster, or giving him alcoholic beverages. Yes, as you hear it! Needless to say, please do not do any of that, because you can traumatize the animal and it is very likely that by doing so, your parrot will never speak.

Make him part of the family. Put your cage in a place, not only with a pleasant climate, but also in a place where you can see family members as long as possible. Feed him from the table and even if you can, some of your own dish, like a piece of vegetable or fruit. Greet him and talk to him whenever you pass by his side.

How to teach a Parrot to Speak2

How to teach them words

Create a word routine in it. What does this mean? When you or a member of your family pass in front of him, always say the same words but without addressing them. For example “Good morning” always in the morning, or “Hello, I’m home”. If you do not change a bit of these expressions for a while you will get your parrot to speak.

You can also say the same things when you put water or food, such as “Is that fruit rich, is it rich?”

Do not teach him bad words. The life of your talkative parrot will extend beyond eighty years, so it is very likely to survive you. Think that what is funny to you, such as your animal insults the person who goes by on the street, is not for the next person who should take care of it. When your parrot speaks, he will not know the meaning of the words because he will only imitate sounds, and you will not be able to make him forget something he has learned.

On the other hand, if you teach words that offend others, it is likely that the animal will get a bad response from someone, and in the end up relating that talking is something that brings problems and therefore, stop doing it. If you want your parrot to speak and not be a rude scoundrel, do not show him anything you would not want me to tell you.

Reward him when you start saying your first words, reward it with something to eat or take it out a bit from the cage. Of course, if you choose the second option as a prize, make sure you do it inside the house and that all the doors and windows are properly closed. If the animal quickly associates talking to a reward, it is very likely that your parrot will speak more and more easily.

Be patient

Maybe the results do not look as fast as you want, but that does not mean your efforts are not worth it. Be that as it may, do not harass the animal, everything takes its course and if you follow these practical tips, we are sure that you will get your parrot to speak.

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