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How to use aloe Vera in your hair

How to use aloe Vera in your hair

Aloe Vera is known for its medicinal properties, being one of the most versatile plants not only to cure certain conditions but also as an ally in beauty treatments. The cosmetic industry has taken advantage of its benefits to the maximum and you from home can also do it mainly to improve the condition of your hair and make it look great.

1. Aloe Vera is a great ally for the health of our hair and it has moisturizing properties but also helps to open the pores on our scalp, allowing nutrients and vitamins to penetrate more easily and have better effects on our Mane, which enhances its shine and beauty.

2. Aloe Vera for hair growth is also a great home remedy to cure lack of hydration on the scalp, dandruff, flaking and also to control excessive fat production. In addition, thanks to its compounds similar to keratin increases the flexibility of our hair, preventing it break easily and making it look healthier.

3. Being a great ally to uncover and penetrate the pores of our hair, aloe Vera also serves to stimulate circulation and promote its growth. So if you want your hair to look longer and more abundant, this plant is a great natural alternative.

4. If you paint your hair frequently, you use the dryer or the iron and in general give you a little care, the aloe Vera plant can offer a great help and is that its capabilities to nourish and revitalize the hair are outstanding.

5. Although you can buy aloe Vera oil in natural products stores, you can also use the pulp directly from the plant. Cut a leaf of aloe Vera and extract very well all the internal content, taking full advantage of its gel and pulp. Apply directly to your hair for at least 15 minutes, then wash with warm water or cool as you usually do. You can do this treatment once a week and you will notice the difference.

6. To apply the aloe Vera pulp to our hair, it is advisable to do so after shampooing. With wet hair apply the pulp and let it act for 15 minutes, preferably placing a bathing cap to be absorbed better. Then remove with warm water. You can apply this mask once a week.

7. If you simply want to keep your hair healthy but do not feel that you need any intensive treatment, you can add the gel of half and aloe Vera leaf in your shampoo, this will help give your hair more shine and smoothness.

8. Aloe Vera has great benefits for hair; what stands out most is that it works as a powerful hair cleaner as it helps eliminate impurities and waste. It also works as a natural moisturizer since it is composed of a lot of vitamins and nutrients that help to revitalize the look of our mane. If you want to read more articles similar to how to use aloe Vera in your hair, we recommend you to enter our category of Beauty.

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