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Can Diabetes Patient Eat Potatoes, Bread and Pasta

Can Diabetes Patient Eat Potatoes, Bread and Pasta

More and more people suffering from diabetes, especially type 2 diabetes is strongly linked to obesity, a pandemic of the century, and therefore doubts about the disease and its relationship to diet and exercise are greater and deserve resolution to help control the disease in a healthy and natural way.

Diet plays a very important role and today many people wonder: if I have diabetes, can I eat bread, potatoes and pasta? Because when dealing with foods rich in carbohydrates whose decomposition in the body originates glucose, one might think that the less you eat of them, the better blood glucose, but this is not reality.

The reality is that long ago this rule applied and people with diabetes should sacrifice their daily diet not including bread, potatoes, pasta and much less sugar or foods that contain them, but now it is known that this does not lead to anything, but we must try to help our food intake is to keep blood sugar stable, without sudden changes, and values ​​do not exceed 180-200 mg / dl during the day.

So it comes to displaying the glycemic response to food intake, therefore, we talk about glycemic index. Thus, it is clear that the sugar quickly raises blood glucose and should not consume except for cases of sudden downturns of this value in blood. But as bread, if we prioritize the integral, with seeds or bran, it will slow carbohydrate absorption and can include daily. The same applies to the potato, which if consumed pureed raise blood sugar faster, but if we eat baked or boiled with other vegetables, the glycemic response produced will be lower.

A diabetic can eat everything such as bread, potatoes or pasta, if he only knows how to consume, which version to choose and how much to eat not affect glycemic control. In this we can really help us assess professional previously, but overall, people with diabetes can eat foods rich in carbohydrates daily.

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