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Importance of Breakfast for Strength

Importance of Breakfast for Strength

A complete and balanced breakfast is essential to face the day with energy and to avoid low blood sugar that makes us snacking.

A good breakfast is essential to start the day and to have the energy you need for everything. How many times have we heard this? However, we are still having breakfast little or nothing because we got no appetite or in a hurry. It is a tremendous mistake skipping breakfast; you must remember that you have not eaten in many hours.

What happen? Get up running and do not eat breakfast, you have a morning dog because you lack energy and when mealtime comes … would you eat a truck. Result: eat more than necessary and afternoon are heavy. It seems counter intuitive, but people who eat breakfast have fewer weight problems and those who do not, entail problems of memory and concentration and of course are shrewish throughout the day.

Breakfast provides the foundation of good nutrition and therefore benefits our health. It is proved that a good breakfast decreases the chances of becoming diabetic.

For children, a good breakfast is even more important, of course. Your body and brain are growing and are heavily dependent on regular food intake. By skipping breakfast and spend long periods of time without eating, the child may suffer from various physical, intellectual and behavioral problems.

Good breakfast and start the day with strength

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. There are many reasons, but here are the basics:

Increase your activity, both physical and intellectual. If you have adequate levels of blood sugar, yields more and better.

It provides adequate nutrition to your body. A breakfast cereal or bread fills you up and gives the vitamins and minerals your body needs, preventing over commas day in excess.

It helps you lose weight. If you do not get “starved” to the next meal, you will eat less and therefore lose weight.

The foundations of the perfect breakfast

These are the elements that must contain a balanced breakfast:

  • Dairy: You can choose the ones you like, but you better be nonfat (skim) or low-fat. Mainly milk or yogurt is ideal. Provide vitamins, protein and calcium.
  • Fruit: It is a staple, if further shots with skin get the fiber you need. They also contain minerals, carbohydrates and vitamins.
  • Cereal or bread: They have not only carbohydrates which extract energy but also fiber.
  • Eggs and some low-fat cheese
  • Meat: But beware; we should not overdo this ingredient.
  • Coffee or tea

It is important to remember that breakfast should provide about 25% of our daily caloric intake. Of course, we try to combine the various elements in a balanced way, so that our bodies can absorb vitamins, fiber, carbohydrates and minerals.

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