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Is it wrong to drink water during meals?

It is customary to think that taking or drinking water during meals is bad or negative. However, we have a myth or misconception so not true.

Drinking water during meals has importance to our health. Many nutritionists and health experts advise a daily 1.5 to 2 liters of fluid daily consumption, for example distributed not only in water but also in natural juices, teas and among others.

In fact we must pay attention to daily water needs above all to discover how much water to drink each day. But try to know how much would be 1.5 to 2 liters of water if for example we do not have a bottle of mineral water on hand, it can be difficult to calculate.

How many glasses of water a day take?

We must consider that a liter of water equivalent to 4 glasses of water to 250 ml., So it is advised to drink 8 glasses of water each day to ensure the correct input.

Is it true that it is wrong to drink water during meals?

It is common that, as with coffee or tea, water the myths surrounding certain more or less erroneous beliefs.

Just one of these beliefs, not as wrong as you might think at one point, is whether drinking water during meals can be bad because it would intervene in the process of digestion negatively.

The truth is that every part of the digestive system owns and performs a different function so that our stomach creates an acidic environment in which breaks down the food we eat, and in turn hinders the survival of bacteria.

If for example we drink a lot of water during the meal, you may provoke the pH of the stomach, adversely harming the digestion process rises.

Therefore, although drinking water during meals is not negative absolute and it is extremely beneficial and positive, it is advised to take only one or two glasses, avoiding heavy drinking.

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