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Magical Benefits of Celery for Health

Magical Benefits of Celery for Health

In addition to helping you lose weight, celery helps to eliminate toxins and improves inflammatory processes caused by arthritis or lung disease like asthma or bronchitis

Celery is crisp, tasty and refreshing our cooked and salads. We love that particular touch that offers meals but, besides this, it is one of the healthiest vegetables in the world.

The secret lies in celery aromatic substances in their seeds. They are rich in a type of essential oils able to fight inflammation and allow draining toxins and waste products.

From our room we invite you to regularly include in your diet. We explain why.

Celery: Healthy and an ally to lose weight

The experts in this type of vegetables indicate that, to choose the best celery, we must look at your appearance is bright, with thick, dense, firm and light green stems.

Never choose soft or their upper stems of a white color.

It can last in good condition until 3 or 4 days, wrapped in a damp paper and in the fridge. When consuming, if you want celery again be cool, you just have to dip the bottom of the stem in a little water.

Once elected and ready to eat, we’re sure you’ll be interested to know what they can do for you when you give them the “first bite”.

  1. A powerful anti-inflammatory

One of the most interesting properties of celery is definitely anti-inflammatory power.

This action to reduce inflammation and relax tissues is due to present polyacetylene in celery, which not only helps us eliminate toxins and lose weight slowly, but also provides relief in processes such as rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, gout, asthma and bronchitis.

  1. The celery, food regulator

Celery is not an energy source that is not going to provide protein and nutrients to give us strength and vitality.

Cucumber and celery are the two vegetables with less energy, but with purifying and moisturizing power.

Its virtue is to regulate us inside, balancing the level of minerals and cleansing the body with its essential components.

Celery is rich in water, fiber, potassium, sodium, vitamin C and vitamin E, folate and calcium.

  1. Dietary properties of celery

As you have indicated at the beginning, the most interesting properties of celery reside in its essential oils.

All this will promote its diuretic effect, while it will increase the level of bile acids to promote proper digestion.

Celery Another interesting aspect is that keeps us satiated. Hence, it is highly recommended, for example, a green smoothie a day to stay well hydrated, cleanse the body.

  1. Benefits for our hearts

Celery is rich in a type of compound called phthalide that allows us to relax the muscles around the arteries, and promotes proper blood circulation.

Moreover, we cannot forget that this vegetable is one of the most appropriate to balance the blood cholesterol and reduce the so-called bad cholesterol, or LDL.

Anti-inflammatory celery salad and green apple

So you can benefit from the properties of celery we invite you to try this delicious salad of celery, green apples and nuts.

It’s healthy, easy to prepare and very suitable to combine, for example, with a little salmon or chicken breast with lemon.A dish that you can include in your diets.


1 green apple

2 bunch of celery

5 sprigs of oak leaf lettuce

100 g arugula

1 leaf of endive

Five walnuts into pieces

Juice of ½ lemons

Some seeds of mustard (to taste)

4 teaspoons honey (100 g)

White pepper to taste

A drizzle of extra virgin olive oil


We start washing celery and apples. Then cut into small pieces celery, like apples. It needless to the Peles, but remember withdraw seeds.

Little nuts

Now, in a bowl, mix the lemon juice, mustard seeds and honey. Then add olive oil and a little white pepper. Will our seasoning.

Choose the bowl where you want to serve this rich salad and added first oak leaf lettuce and arugula. Then includes apple and celery into small pieces.Finally season with our blend of lemon, honey and mustard seeds and enjoys every bite, because this simple salad is delicious.

It is ideal for any lunch and very suitable in our diets for weight loss.

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