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Medicinal herbs to treat uric acid

Medicinal herbs to treat uric acid

Uric acid is a very common problem today. Some bad habits of life, and a poor diet are undoubtedly the main factors causing the appearance of these metabolic waste products in our blood. We explain what you can do for nature: medicinal plants indicated for uric acid.

Suitable for lowering uric acid medicinal plants

We all have a level of uric acid in the body. But while it is balanced, no problem. But when we eat incorrectly, we accumulate what is known as purines, such wastes from the breakdown of proteins of animal meat, in addition to coffee and alcohol especially. And what happens when there is an excess of uric acid in the body? Appearing what we know as gout, joint pain and inflammation. And eye, the most extreme risk we can suffer is when kidney or liver failure is likely to materialize. It must be taken into account. Another point to consider is that uric acid also causes a high pH of blood and can cause failures in different organs, a lowering of defenses, fatigue, disease, bone fragility, etc.

So what should we do to reduce the incidence of uric acid and prevent these serious problems? Eliminates the consumption of red meat, animal protein, fat, sausages, alcohol, refined flour, salt, sugar, soft drinks… And conversely, you must improve your diet by increasing consumption of vegetables, fruits, cereals … ideal if for example you increase the amount of oats, strawberries and citrus, such as lemons, grapefruit, and oranges … They are wonderful. But you must also know that there are herbs that can help. Obviously they will not replace any medication, but will serve as an excellent complement, as the infusion taken daily to be debugged our blood. We’ll list below:

  1. Diuretic plants that eliminate purines

Notes: horsetail, dandelion and artichoke infusion, you will be to remove excess fluids, debug toxic, clean the blood and lymphatic system, and provide you an excellent diuretic effect. Increasing the elimination of urine will help us precisely to eliminate all those purines that these infusions will clean our body. They are really beneficial.

You would do very well for example taking them after your main meals. You can choose what you most want at all times, since they are ideal for treating uric acid.

  1. The protective effect of milk thistle

Sure you already know the great virtues of milk thistle. It is a great protector of the liver and liver all its functions, namely: it’s purifying effect, protein formation and transformation of ammonia in urea. Milk thistle brings antioxidants and helps purify, all get our turn to clean blood of these purines, such excess proteins that end up in our body deteriorate. What if we started the day with an infusion of milk thistle? You can find it in natural stores both infusion and tablets. They are fantastic!

  1. The devil’s claw to reduce inflammation or harpago

It is not well known, we know, but it’s worth to take note of this therapeutic and healing root. It is great for this type of disease. It acts directly on our muscles and joints, reducing inflammation effect of uric acid. If you suffer from gout you will help a lot, relieving pain and improving joint mobility. You can also find it in natural stores, and is perfect for taking whenever you feel pain as a natural painkiller. Do not forget: it is the root of harpago.

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