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Medicinal Properties of Neem

Medicinal Properties of Neem

The properties of neem have been recognized since ancient times, as there are doctors written in Sanskrit language, which refer to the benefits of the leaves, seeds, bark, roots and fruits of the neem tree, which provide answers a lot of diseases.

The neem tree or also known as nim, have healing and medicinal properties that have been used for many years to treat a variety of ailments, mainly its phytochemical components contain a high content of vitamin E, which helps in skin problems, as healing and astringent, relieves fungi, wounds, burns, skin infections, sores, acne, herpes, insect bites, chickenpox.
It has been scientifically proven that neem leaves provides an overall improvement for the whole organism, contains more than 150 phytochemicals component that act to detoxify the blood and strengthen the immune system.

Neem Acne
The neem for its disinfectant and astringent helps to quickly heal acne lesions produced by power.
For quick relief from acne, you should take for a week one capsule of Neem twice daily with food, and apply neem extract with the help of gauze or cotton on the skin where there are acne, morning and at night after washing the face well, the extract serves as a healing and astringent, others say that this is important to a lot of hygiene.

Other Uses
Relieves fungi that infect hair, skin, nails, such as athlete’s foot, either taken or applied to the affected skin, can help heal ulcers and wounds.
Oil seeds and neem extract may relieve discomfort from psoriasis, reduces itching and pain, and also reduces redness of lesions.
In gastric ulcers, gastric lesions helps heal and duodenal ulcers in herpes zoster or herpes labialis, fights the virus and heal wounds quickly, soothes itching and blisters heal, can also relieve dental disorders such as gingivitis and canker sores.
Neem can reduce insulin levels in the blood in diabetics, also the bark and leaves of neem help reduce cancerous tumors.
In allergies, relieves the discomfort of itchy eyes, watery eyes and sneezing, fights the virus that causes hepatitis B virus also combat malaria, diseases of the respiratory system and even heart problems.

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