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Miraculous Massage of Sanyinjiao Point

Miraculous Massage of Sanyinjiao Point

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, stimulation and massages at the Sanyinjiao point are very favorable for women and can positively impact your health.

The female body tends to be more sensitive or vulnerable to certain disorders for man may go unnoticed (for example, thyroid diseases or retention).

This technique borrowed from traditional Chinese medicine called point Sanyinjiao promises many advantages for women. Learn more about these “miracle” massages in the following article.

What to Know about Sanyinjiao point?

One of the good news of this massage is that you can do it yourself without going to a specialized center or pay exorbitant sums of money.

East Asian secret recently revealed to the Western world aims (neither more nor less) than maintaining good health and give us a long life.

This point is very important in the art of acupuncture but, in this case, do not need that small needles pierce the area in question. To achieve the “miraculous” effects only takes 10 minute massages a day.

The reason why this technique works (according to the Eastern tradition) is that the human body suffers from imbalances and constantly need to stop them.

By stimulating certain areas and improving energy harmony.

Must begin to locate the exact location of Sanyinjiao point

It is located in the inner part of the tibia in both legs:

Put the fingers of his right hand together, support the little finger where it ends the anklebone (malleolus) and measures the distance to the index finger. You can mark with a pen to keep him.

Do the same with the other leg

The next step is to massage the area with circular movements while exerting some pressure. You can also take small strokes to stimulate the vitality and energy of your body.

Continue for 10 minutes on each leg and repeat every night before bed to complete a month of treatment.

It is necessary to note that a technique is not recommended for pregnant women because it may stimulate uterine contractions and cause premature delivery or abortion.

What is the massage at the Sanyinjiao point?

There are many benefits provided by massaging this area of ​​the leg according to Traditional Chinese Medicine.

It is something as simple as making energetic movements at the point every day (you can do while watching television, do the desktop or read a book) worth trying if it is effective.

The benefits of massage at the Sanyinjiao point are:

Regulates the menstrual cycle

By stimulating this site not only the proper functioning of the kidneys, liver and spleen will be promoted but also promote blood circulation and eliminate deadlocks or blockages in the veins and arteries.

The latter is also interesting in the case of menstrual problems, such as delays or severe pain cycle before period.

It is believed that massaging this point takes longer to reach menopause, fertility and youth continues and all the problems associated with lack of menstruation in women are avoided.

Improves skin appearance

Also related to blood flow, massage at the Sanyinjiao point is very favorable for the dermis, both health and appearance.

You get younger looking skin, without wrinkles or redness. As if that were not enough, the spleen can work well enjoy greater elasticity and vigor in the skin. It is a beauty routine that does not require creams.

Increases Sensuality

When problems or hormonal imbalances are likely to be affected sexual desire in women. Lack of libido, very frequent in premenopausal or hyper- and hypothyroidism, can stop with this massage.

Increases fertility

If you want to get pregnant Traditional Chinese Medicine states that this technique is very powerful to achieve your goal. The daily massage at the Sanyinjiao point helps the ovaries work more effectively and blood flow to the uterus is higher.

Stabilizes gastric function

Those women who have discomfort or problems in the gastrointestinal tract can be found in this massage relief to the most common symptoms (swelling, digestive or intestinal disorders, among others).

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