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Morning Rituals that Speed up your Metabolism

Morning Rituals that Speed up your Metabolism

By practicing physical exercise first thing in the morning we get our metabolism starts up and begins to burn calories faster, because our body active Rituals morning that accelerate your metabolism will remain.

This is quite common and one of the most common causes is a slow metabolism. Follow these morning rituals that speed up your metabolism and start the day. You will see that in carrying out these changes in a short time you will feel lighter in the early hours of the morning.

Drink a glass of water with lemon as soon as you get up

When you just wake up and not know where to start, squeeze the juice of one lemon in a glass of warm water. This is one of the morning rituals that accelerate your metabolism to cleanse the digestive system.

Also, while you sleep you spend several hours without consuming liquid. This can lead to dehydration worsens if during the day you do not consume a lot of water. Water with lemon helps you re-hydrate.

The water should be warm so they do not create a temperature shock. If the cold water will not affect you, you can use it.

It is recommended that you only mix water with lemon but you can sweeten with a little honey. This brings digestive and antioxidant enzymes that increase the effect of water and lemon.

Set your alarm 30 minutes earlier


This may be the most complicated of the morning rituals that speed up your metabolism. Especially if you have to get up very early.

Accelerates your metabolism up early to put in synch your body and your mind before your activities. For this trick to work properly you must make sure to create a proper sleep rhythm.

Your sleep habits should see a break of at least 8 hours straight. The importance of this time is that it is necessary for your body to eliminate toxins. Organs like the kidneys and liver need this period to regulate their function.

If you have trouble falling asleep can consume a relaxing tea at night, before bedtime. You should also avoid heavy dinners and any kind of distraction in your room.

Jump rope 5 minutes

Perhaps it is one of the morning rituals that accelerate your metabolism less known. To jump rope for 5 minutes you help keep your thyroid healthy. This is important to keep your weight in order.

If you can jump rope more than 5 minutes, it is always good idea. If you do not want to jump rope, go for jogging. The benefit is that your body will remain active all day.

This is a super-easy habit for which you need nothing more than a string. You do not even need to buy very professional team: with a basic it is more than enough.

Lift weights for 20 minutes

This exercise is not only one of the morning rituals that accelerate your metabolism. It is also a way to build muscle and burn fat. You do not need a great team or the most innovative machine.

To start, just some small weights and exercises for each area you want to work. You can switch routines for different areas each day or do several repetitions throughout the day.

Whenever you can, opt for high-intensity exercise. In this way you can do less time and work hard.

Two eggs breakfast

Include eggs in your breakfast is one of the rituals that speed up metabolism. No matter how you decide to cook, if you avoid excess fat in cooking. Egg protein will make you feel satisfied several hours. In addition, the calories you burn yolk with very little physical activity.

To make full breakfast do not forget the vegetables. Every day can include one or two different vegetables. The final touch is a ration of carbohydrate, such as two slices of rye bread.

Grab a cup of green tea

Green tea is rich in antioxidants. These improve your overall health and make it part of the morning ritual that speed up your metabolism. To get the benefits of this drink is important to consume it several times throughout the day. There is no perfect number, but with six cups a day gets adequate antioxidants. Its slightly bitter taste is not at all annoying. However, those who start consuming it can feel something unpleasant. If this is your case, I sweeten with a little honey.

It is very important to avoid any kind of artificial sweeteners. To try new flavors, combining green tea with spices or fruits. Two of our favorite choices are green tea with peach and green tea with pineapple.

Fill your water bottle

We know that stay hydrated all day is important. Once we took your cup of green tea and your water with lemon, it is advisable to continue with hydration. When filling your water bottle you remember that you have a goal to meet, take two liters of water. With a small bottle you can impose challenges throughout the day.

Make sure your bottle is thoroughly cleaned. Wash it before each use to prevent germs or bacteria to accumulate.

Simple morning rituals that speed up your metabolism

All rituals that you have given are quite simple. Probably the most difficult to carry out is up earlier. However, we assure you that in a couple of weeks and you’ve used.

Follow these rituals and prepare for a metabolism working properly.

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