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My Dog Urinates When he is emotional

My Dog Urinates When he is emotional

Some puppies wet themselves with excitement or excitement when they meet someone new. Let’s explain some tips to try to help overcome this problem. Some dogs urinate a small amount (sometimes more) when a person greets them, especially if they are caressed. Some dogs do it every time someone greets them but often this problem only occurs with particular people or people with a specific appearance or tone of voice.

It is fairly common problems in young dogs, puppies, who do not yet have much control over their bladder and become more easily aroused and usually disappear as the dog grows. However, some dogs may have this habit even though they are adults. This behavior is usually more common in females but can also occur in males.

Why do dogs urinate when they get excited?

When a pup gets excited or something scares him it is normal to lose a few drops of urine. This does not happen to all puppies, but to many. This loss of urine originates because over excitation or fear causes the puppy to momentarily lose control over the muscles acting on the bladder. This behavior is a physiological response to emotion and the puppy cannot control it. He cannot even realize that he is losing urine until he feels the dampness.

Why is this behavior of dogs a problem?

The constant cleaning of urine every time someone greets the dog can prove to be frustrating for the dog owner. The dog is often scolded for such behavior but it is not his fault. Punishing a dog for this behavior is useless and also cruel, since the dog cannot control the urine leak. Raging the dog or getting angry can create the dog greater anxiety and make the problem worse, even turning this problem related to the early age of the dog into a long-term nervous habit.

How to Control Your Dog When he is Excited

The first thing is to reduce the initial enthusiasm when we get home.

To reduce this excitement of the dog:

  • Enter your house without greeting.
  • Leave the bag or other objects you carry and act calmly.
  • Try to spend 5 minutes and say hello to your dog.
  • The greeting must be controlled, spoken in a low and soft voice and as calm as possible.
  • Do not get too close to the dog, instead of lying on it, stretch your hand and caress under the chin, not the top of your head.
  • When you have a home visit, teach them to do the same.

Another technique to avoid micturition at home when receiving visitors is the greeting on the street, when someone comes to our house we can go down with our dog to greet and then we go up together, this way if you have urine loss we will not have the Need to clean and surely will not cause anxiety to the dog.

Generally after 6 or 7 months of age this behavior will disappear, but if still the adult dog still having urine losses may be a health problem and we should go to the vet. However, very often, the problem is not caused by health problems and is just a case of too much excitement.

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