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Natural Cosmetics and its Advantages

Natural cosmetics have important advantages compared to industrial cosmetics. Advantages related to health, the environment, responsible consumption and the economic cost that will tip you in favor of the selection of treatments with natural cosmetics.

More and more people are attracted to natural cosmetics. In some cases, because certain skin problems and intolerance to chemical substances force us to look for healthier options such as natural cosmetics. In other cases, because our conscience and sensitivity demand a commitment to the environment, ecology, responsible consumption and more solidary and fair market systems.

Whether for one reason or another, we welcome anyone who wants to start in the exciting world of natural cosmetics. In this report we will review some of the many advantages and benefits of natural cosmetics:

Goodbye to toxic chemicals

Most of the population is completely unaware of the dangers of industrial cosmetics because it is one of the main sources of exposure to an infinity of chemical substances that are very toxic to the body. There are many scientific studies that relate some of these substances to all types of autoimmune diseases, allergies or even cancer. Enter our section toxic substances to discover which are the most dangerous and their effects on health.

But when we talk about cosmetics, we are not referring exclusively to moisturizing and nourishing creams, but to all kinds of hygiene products that we use every day and that our children also use. Among them we can mention dentifrices, gels, shampoos, creams, oils, softeners and a host of products whose advertising encourages us to consume and need, but which include components that we never analyze on the label.

It is true that worrying about the many toxic substances that surround us is unpleasant and sometimes difficult to solve. However, being aware of this is the first step to look for healthier alternatives.

In the case of cosmetics, this problem has an easy solution: natural cosmetics. Experiment with natural products such as vegetable oils, essential oils, clays or other ingredients that, although less practical, are very effective, such as fruit, honey, salt, etc. is an exciting practice that will surely awaken your interest because You will notice obvious changes from the first moment. Consult which are the best natural products for the skin.

Same practice but healthier

We tend to relate natural cosmetics with homemade egg-based masks and yogurt, and although these elements are fabulous options to nourish and regenerate the skin, the truth is that if we value the comfort and ease of use are not comparable with cosmetic products to which we are accustomed. It is not the same to apply on the skin a white cream that smells clean than a crushed banana mask.

However, it is important to know that there is an alternative to industrial cosmetics, equally comfortable, and much more effective and healthier in the long term. It is about replacing industrial creams with mixtures of vegetable and essential oils. Consult our aromatherapy section and visit our homemade recipes to have a starting point with which to start making your own natural products. Do not think that making them is complicated. It will not take you more than three minutes and you will be able to check the results in a very short time.

The biggest impediment with which we can find when making this ecological change is to vary the customs. Changing habits requires an initial effort, but we assure you that once you start, you will never stop using natural cosmetics.

Greater long-term effectiveness                                                                            

It is possible for an industrial product to perform immediate “miracles” on the skin, especially when it comes to specific conditions. However, when we look at the label and check which components the product is made with, it is worth rethinking the advantages that this momentary patch can have compared with the long-term effects it can have on our body.

When we use natural ingredients, the response to certain conditions may not be (although often it is) so fast in the short term, but we are making sure to introduce elements like our cellular composition in our organism.

Most of the natural products are composed of fatty acids very similar to human sebum, of essential nutrients for the correct cellular regeneration of the skin, and of trace elements and / or nutrients that contribute to delay aging and strengthen our immune system.

Economic reasons

When something is truly good, everything is an advantage. If we consider the fundamental ingredients necessary to make our own natural cosmetics, we can calculate the cost of this healthy and ecological alternative and compare it with that of industrial cosmetics.

Essential oils are relatively inexpensive. According to the characteristics of your skin, with having the most essential, it is enough. In fact, you can start by simply using lavender essential oil. Vegetable oils are a real treasure for the skin.

But if we compare with the creams of certain prestige that we find in the cosmetic industry, the alternative of natural cosmetics is more economical, especially considering the quantities and expiration. So, if you normally consume this type of cosmetic products, we assure you that the natural option will be much cheaper than the industrial one.


If you are one of those people who have not yet tried natural cosmetics, we invite you to live a new experience making your own products and using natural and ecological substances that your skin and your body in general will appreciate with the passage of time. Do not think that being natural is less effective. Check it out personally and enjoy this new cosmetic adventure.

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