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Natural Remedies for Burns with Herbs

Natural Remedies for Burns with Herbs

It is a type of injury that occurs in the skin, and even lower tissue caused by different factors such as heat (contact with flames, hot liquids or surfaces, etc.) cold, chemicals (alkalies, acids) and electricity .

Depending on the intensity, burns can be classified enter ways: first, second and third grade. First-degree burns affect only the outer layer, or epidermis reddening skin without forming blisters.

The second degree affects the first two layers and form blisters which should not be broken. The third-degree burns can destroy tissues and form crusty dead zones.

The first action to be performed, compared to a small burn (less than two centimeters in diameter in children or less than four centimeters in adults), is to wash it with plenty of cold water (15 to 30 minutes or until sensation ceases) and then use cold compresses or place the area in a bowl of cold water. It is important to only use not cold water and ice, since it restricts the flow of blood.

If there is a major burn (more than two centimeters in diameter in children and larger than four centimeters in adults or is charred and white or creamy or involving internal organs) should receive immediate medical attention.

For small burns, there are several home remedies that can be used:

Folk Remedies

1: Cut a piece of a fresh leaf of aloe Vera or aloe Vera pulp directly applied to the affected area or, if preferred, through a gauze. Aloe Vera has an analgesic action to improve injury and also facilitate healing.

2: Clean, peel and cut potatoes in half sheets. Then cool in the freezer. Flatten with a fork to form a paste which will be on the burn with the help of a band. Change three times daily.

Remedy for burns # 3: Apply a generous layer of honey on the burn. Honey exerts analgesic and antibacterial effect.

4: Spread olive oil over the burned area, and then drizzle over a little sea salt. At first, some burning feel, but worth it, because it prevents the appearance of annoying blister. Finally, protect with gauze and tape.

5: Apply plain yogurt on small burns as it promotes healing.

6: Prepare a paste of olives crushed in a mortar. Spread on a clean cloth and apply to the affected area which will relieve the itching and prevent blistering.

7: Clean a couple of lettuce leaves cut them finely and add a few drops of olive oil. Apply to the affected skin with gauze subject. Leave for two hours and repeat the process if necessary.

8: Open a capsule of vitamin E and extend its content on irritated skin which will help prevent scarring.

9: Use a handful of marigold flowers, another of plantain leaves, a tablespoon of beeswax and virgin olive oil. Then fry in a pan with olive oil with marigold flowers and plantain. Strain and add to the preparation wax virgin. Apply three times a day on the burned area.

10: Cut a leek into slices and place on the injured area with gauze. Change several times a day.

11: Bring the burned area, whether it is a finger, the earlobe on the same side and so to have 5 minutes; thereby it is avoiding blistering. This Brazilian remedy applies only to small kitchen burns.

12: Take a handful of fresh marigold flowers, clean them well and place them directly on the affected area. This flower has analgesic properties and prevents infections.

13: Take a handful of lemon balm leaves, thoroughly clean and macharlas in order to extract their juice. Spread it on gauze which must be placed in the affected area. Repeat three times on the same day.

14: Apply directly to the egg white on the burn and leave for half an hour. This will prevent the skin from becoming dehydrated.

15: Grate a handful of almonds and put, like a plaster on the area with mild burn.

16: Extract the juice of a handful of mint. Combined with a little cold water. Apply with sterile gauze on the area burned slightly.

17: Apply the transparent skin of the onion on a minor burn to prevent brooding.

18: Pour two handfuls of chopped marshmallow leaves in a pint of hot water and let stand for 8 hours. Apply, for undrained compresses on the affected area.

19: Wash and a small pumpkin and remove its contents or pulp. Then, grate and place it in the freezer for a few minutes. Once cool. Apply, as a poultice, on the burn.

20: Mix 3 tablespoons of comfrey root or leaf powder, 1 herb lobelia, 1/2 wheat germ oil and 1/2 honey into a paste. Store in the refrigerator and apply this cold preparation in minor burns.

21: Pour in 1 liter of water 8 tablespoons juniper berries is boiling and allow standing for 1 hour. Wash the affected area with this preparation several times a day.

22: Boil a liter of water 100 g of leaves Wort porr 5 minutes. Let stand for 15 minutes. Filter preparation and applied by a loop in mild or superficial burns

23: Wash 1 carrot and then chop finely. Put on gauze or a cotton cloth perfectly clean. Apply to the affected area, as a poultice, and keep in contact with the skin for one hour, using a bandage or handkerchief area. This remedy should be implemented without delay once the burn has occurred

24: Mix 4 tablespoons olive oil and 2 tablespoons of red wine in a bowl and beat with a fork. Impregnate gauze or a cotton cloth perfectly clean in this solution and apply it on the affected skin.

25: Fresh impregnated with olive oil, lily petals serve to heal minor burns.

26: Fresh leaves washed and crushed plantain, applied as a compress, heal burns

27: Make a poultice of fresh leaves of mullein boiled milk product to soothe inflammation of a burn.

28: Pour into a glass bowl with oil, a glass of wine, a glass of liquor mauve water and a handful of finely chopped leaves pellitory, 20 gr. bran and 20 gr. bean flour. Let it cook until a creamy consistency. Apply to the affected area.

29: Prepare oil filling lily flower lily a liter bottle and cover with pure olive oil, leaving them to macerate for a month. Save in glass jar with airtight and apply when a minor burn occurs. This same remedy can speed dander in the case of erysipelas and sarampiones.

30: Leave circulating cold water (but not cold) gently on the affected area for a few minutes (ten to fifteen), then sprinkle with vinegar or apply a compress soaked in vinegar.

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