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Needles in the ear for weight loss the famous Auriculotherapy

You may think its crazy, apply needles in the ear with the intention of losing weight, however, today I would like to share the “secret” or the reason why this method known to many is certainly a useful tool, when losing weight is all about.
In recent years, Western medicine has been attracted by the mysteries that hides oriental medicine, acupuncture in particular has been welcomed by Western countries. And Auriculotherapy is just a sample.
Auriculotherapy to lose weight
Ear acupuncture is to stimulate specific acupuncture points on the ear with needles and are tiny they can take home, or common acupuncture in the doctor and the patient is sent home with pellets and seeds glued to your ear for stimulate among treatments.
But surely you’re wondering how this weight loss method.
The explanation in reality includes several concepts of traditional Chinese medicine; however, we can be summed up as follows:
Ear acupuncture, suppresses the desire to eat compulsively, stimulating strategic points that regulate anxiety. Who use it report a decrease in appetite and increased satiety (fullness) while eating.
But this explanation has not thought it is magical or mysterious, although the Chinese have mentioned and talked through the centuries on energy channels of the body, in the past have tried these principles.
Current research shows that using needles at specific points on the ear, can be reached regulate insulin levels. Insulin is a hormone that is secreted by the pancreas and is responsible for the breakdown of fats, proteins and carbohydrates. Higher insulin levels decrease glucose levels which makes you feel hungry faster and make you eat more. Too much insulin will cause your body to store fat. Treatment helps stabilize insulin levels and promote fat loss.
Stress can also play an important role with being overweight. Stress causes an increase in cortisol, which in turn trigger food cravings. By helping to reduce stress and tension proper hormonal balance is promoted. Acupuncture triggers the release of endorphins, which improve your mood. If you feel good you are less prone to food cravings.
Acupuncture also helps the brain receives the signal of satiety and fullness of the stomach, more effectively.
Diet, acupuncture and exercise
While acupuncture alone helps us lose weight, it is likely to lack a balanced diet and a regular exercise routine. Do not be afraid if you’ve failed before with diets, because acupuncture helps us to better tolerate the diet, and make it easier to carry out. Surely it is an excellent option to consider especially if you suffer from food cravings.

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