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Overweight causes a problem in pregnancy

Overweight causes a problem in pregnancy

We widely accepted that during pregnancy should be avoided snuff and alcohol because they damage the fetus. But it seems that there is less awareness with the consequences of overweight for mom and baby future.

Complications during pregnancy

Having a positive attitude during pregnancy is essential. But it is also to be informed of the complications that are associated with excess weight, which go far beyond recover faster or slower line:

Gestational diabetes is a rise of glucose levels in the blood, which can cause the fetus to grow more than normal and hinder the supply of nutrients and oxygen.

Preeclampsia: A complication that is a rise in tension arterial and appearance of protein in the urine. The fetus may grow less than normal or premature birth.

Less clear ultrasound: Abdominal fat hinders the passage of ultrasound waves; hence doctors have it more difficult to watch the future baby. Sometimes ultrasound 20 weeks is done at 22 weeks of gestation.

During the delivery

More cesareans: Women who were already overweight when they became pregnant and catching many kilos during pregnancy have twice the chances of your birth ends in cesarean than women with normal weight.

Childbirth longer: The accumulated fat around the uterus causes contractions are less regular and effective, so that the phase of second can be considerably longer.

Epidural problems: In obese women, the number of attempts and the failure rate when epidural anesthesia. It is usually recommended an appointment with the anesthesiologist to prepare the plan of anesthesia in childbirth.

Overweight women should…

Distribute meals five servings a day smaller

Forget about junk food, soft drinks and bakery products, and introduce more fruits and vegetables diet.

Exercise: Half an hour of daily light activity (walking or swimming).

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