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Practice Meditation Anti Stress At Home

Practice Meditation Anti Stress At Home

If we find a few minutes a day to relax and meditate get away stress and anxiety and combat many mental illnesses such as depression.

More and more people are enjoying the benefits of meditation. Meet the “inner” thanks to this practice can be really satisfying. Recent studies indicate that meditation helps to eliminate stress, among other benefits.

This evil of the XXI century and causes many problems in the body is reduced through meditation. No need to go to an academy, a Zen temple in Asia and to make a spiritual journey through the mountains.

Practice meditation stress at home! In this article we tell you how.

How do we act to stress?

This short word that is constantly mentioned in the newspapers, chat with friends and doctor visits (and it was not known some years ago) caused us a lot of harm to health.

Being stressed is something so normal today that do not measure the consequences and we do not realize that it is not at all healthy.

Some people decide to use drugs (anxiolytics, antidepressants or sleeping pills), others choose to go on vacation or quit work to eliminate stress. However, you can avoid this “drastic” decision practicing meditation regularly.

It is also necessary to make a change in our habits. Those who meditate say it is not enough to sit in the lotus position few minutes a day. You need to give a 180 ° to our lives.

What we eat, how we take the problems and how we breathe are very important issues that we have to work and improve. It would also be good to look on the bright side of everything that happens to us, learn about the signs that give us the body and stop being a mile a minute with the full schedule of obligations.

Does meditation can combat stress?

Whether at home or at work, when we are going through a stressful event usually choppy breathing, our heart beats stronger and are nervous. But when we got meditation:


Inner peace

Slow and deep breathing



Falling Asleep

It is very important to understand what happens in our minds when we are stressed. The brain has a key role to achieve balance and health.

If we start to meditate several times a week we can achieve this state of tranquility that we need to get through any problem or adverse situation.

Breathing and Stress

One of the main points of meditation is to breathe. Conscious breathing occurs when air enters our lungs calmly and deeply.

In this way we draw oxygen and reduce the pressures and concerns. As you exhale eliminate anything that limits us and weighs us.

All emotions are related to breathing. If we are nervous or uneasy short inspirations bring negative consequences for our body. On the contrary, when we meditate, we breathe so that everything goes bad and the good remains.

The vast majority of people do not know breathe. We only use 40% of our lung capacity. But do not worry, because with practice you can increase this percentage.

There is a breathing technique called healing which combines meditation with breathing exercises and some yoga.

According to the teachers of these ancient disciplines most stress can be eliminated through the breath. Just do the test.

Next time you’re in the middle of a traffic jam, your boss has said something that does not seem right or economic problems are about to cause (again) a fight with your partner … Just breathe.

If you can, you close your eyes and inhale at least 5 times in profound ways. When you finish you will see more peaceful and with a clear mind to see things in perspective.

Steps to meditate at home

We do not usually have too much free time to go to a meditation center or become Tibetan monks. However, you may leave out the thousands of thoughts and issues that haunt our head with a couple of minutes a day of tranquility and serenity.

If you feel that the amount (ever increasing) responsibilities and obligations beyond you, is a good time for you to develop that inner peace that accurate.Depression, anxiety and stress can be greatly reduced if we meditate.

The book “Mental Serenity” Miriam Subirana, tells us what steps to consider:

  1. Find the Right Place

It can be your bedroom, living room or garden. The important thing is that it is a quiet, cozy and nobody can interrupt site. The light has to be as thin as possible. If you’re meditating outdoors you can do, for example, just at dawn.

Relaxing music can help greatly to get the perfect environment. Some also choose to turn incense and essences.

Please read: benefits of music for health

  1. Sit On the Floor

If you have a health problem that prevents you can just sit in a chair or sofa. Otherwise, it is recommended to adopt the familiar “lotus position”.

Back straight, without stress, relaxed shoulders and arms and legs crossed. The hands rest gently on the thighs. Eyes closed higher concentration.

  1. Breathe Deeply

Air must always enter through the nose and lungs fill completely (or until you feel that the capacity is at its maximum). Hold a few seconds and exhale slowly. Imagine that with each breath your whole body is nourished. Repeat several times.

  1. Ignore Negative thoughts and focus on Positive feelings

The vital thing is not to judge or to retain all this whirlwind of ideas that appear in your mind. Just let it pass like a cloud in the sky. The first few times you meditate will be a little difficult “to leave a blank mind” but, with practice, you will begin to achieve.

What you feel is very important. Is that your feelings are pleasant and related good things about your life.

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