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Prevention and Health Concequences of Alcohol Abuse

Prevention and Health concequences of Alcohol Abuse

Alcoholism (alcohol addiction) always has consequences. But not only alcohol addiction causes damage to health, but regular consumption of large amounts, although not to the situation of dependency.

The amount of alcohol that can be consumed safely varies with each person. Everyone reacts differently to alcohol. As a rough guide the following figures are available:

For women: Do not drink more than 0.3 liters of beer, OR 0.15 liters of wine / champagne, OR 0.4 cal of liquor a day; this is equivalent to about 12 grams of pure alcohol.

For Men: Do not drink more than 0.6 liters of beer, OR 0.3 liters of wine / champagne, OR 0.8 cal of liquor a day; this is equivalent to about 24 grams of pure alcohol.

To avoid habituation, it is also helpful to be at least two or three days a week without consuming alcohol.

The possible consequences of excessive drinking include:

Liver damage: liver may be permanently damaged by alcohol. The consequences can be fatty liver (hepatic steatosis), liver cirrhosis or liver inflammation (alcoholic hepatitis). Since the liver metabolizes women alcohol more slowly, suffer more damage than men.

Damage to the brain: Every spree destroys millions of brain cells and, to a lesser extent, albeit moderate intake but continues. This may lead issues with memory, concentration and the ability to discern. Then the consequences can range from mild cognitive impairment to dementia.

Inflammation of the pancreas, stomach (gastritis) or intestine

Cancer: The permanent consumption of alcohol increases the risk of developing cancer of the mouth, throat, larynx and esophagus cancer.

Problems in sexual life: Sexual power and experience are affected negatively.

As a result of long-term heavy alcohol use or alcoholism may appear negative effects on the structure of personality. Alcoholism patients are often aggressive, irritable, unreliable, pathological and depressive jealous.


Alcoholism (alcohol addiction) cannot be prevented safely.The earlier a person starts drinking, the greater the risk of addiction to alcohol.

Therefore, parents should keep in mind that strengthening the self-esteem of his son your risk of alcoholism is reduced. Although children and young people generally do not like to hear warnings, they should report the effects of alcohol on the body and why it is better to take little alcohol or none at all. Last but not least, parents can set an example by behaving responsibly with alcohol.

In general it can be applied to children or teenagers who fall into the trap of alcohol consumption should always go to specialist advice!

As an adult also must seek to prevent alcohol addiction.People at higher risk for alcoholism (people with alcoholic parents) should pay special attention to your intake of alcohol. It is recommended to anyone who regularly drink alcohol to abstain from alcohol once a year for several weeks.

And who already have suspected of suffering from alcoholism should not hesitate to consult a doctor you trust as soon as possible. In addition, advisory groups or support may be a first point of contact. Often it is a relief to have taken this important first step. If no known specialist about trust, a first conversation with a friend or family member can help, and in his company then go for help. Many alcoholics after detoxification able to maintain abstinence lifetime and so lead a healthy and normal life!

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