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Properties and Benefits of Argan Oil

Properties and Benefits of Argan Oil

Argan oil properties for the skin

Argan oil benefits, known as the gold of Morocco and widely used in natural beauty for your interesting in the care and treatment of skin properties.

Argan oil is obtained from a plant called thorny wild olive tree, which we find especially in areas of both Morocco and Mexico, and is characterized by a period of slow growth (in fact, takes to give its first fruit about 6 years on average).

This plant said oil, which is especially known as the gold of Morocco, due to its high price is obtained, it is true that the benefits and properties are interesting for the skin, and the time to enjoy useful natural products for natural beauty.

There are two types of Argan oil: Argan oil itself naturally, and a variation of traditional Berber origin, which is obtained by cold pressed from toasted seeds (whose collection is handmade and is used mainly in the kitchen).

Rich in essential nutrients for the skin

Besides highlighting nutritionally because it contains essential nutrients, there is no doubt that they also provide very interesting-and useful-benefits for natural skin care.

These nutrients include that you indicated below:

Essential fatty acids: 80% of its composition is essential fatty acids.

Vitamin E: important antioxidant vitamin, which contains about half of that found in olive oil.

Phytosterols: they are natural plant compounds that help in case of high cholesterol.

Interesting antioxidant benefits

Its richness in both vitamin E and essential fatty acids contribute to the Argan oil antioxidant benefits, so that applied to the skin benefits happen to be a natural remedy against aging, delaying and preventing it.

Ideal in case of acne or burns

Thanks to its regenerating and rejuvenating benefits of cells and tissues, Argan oil is useful in case of acne or minor burns, acting regenerating skin cells completely and totally natural.

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