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Reasons why a Dog Changes Mood

Reasons why a Dog Changes Mood

Like people it is quite natural for a dog to experience mood swings in some occasions, i.e. a dog is not happy all the time, or all the time annoying is not always sad, so it is a natural event to experience these Changes of emotions just like we humans, but this issue worries many people so it is important to develop it, this way we can understand our dogs much better and expand communication between both species, to ensure that these states Are detected and we can work on our beloved pets.

In the following article we will explain some of the reasons why dogs may experience sudden and even sudden changes in their mood.

Due to Advanced Age:

People when they reach an advanced age begin to experience a series of mood swings as a result of the aftermath of the years in the human body and the production of hormones, as something similar happens with dogs, when these Already have a fairly advanced age can move from anger to joy in a very sudden way to set an example, so if your pet is already old and presents these alterations in your mood you do not have to worry because it is a cycle Natural for the dog to traverse.

On the arrival of Baby:

When we have a pet and a baby arrives at home the attention we give the dog can change, it is generally so, and it is not that we no longer love our dog but a baby requires a lot of dedication and attention, That the dog begins to feel displaced, because it does not have all the attention focused on how before the arrival of the baby, so before this change of environment the dog can show angry or anxious, it begins and undergoes changes of humor due to the tension that generates a new member in the home, so it is recommended that parents do not neglect the pet to avoid these mood swings, as they may even feel depressed and this takes away their appetite, and the idea does not Is that the pet gets sick, we must give the same love and keep the balance between the baby and the dog.

For other Pathologies:

There are other pathologies that can lead a dog to experience mood swings constantly, it may be due to psychological or health problems, since if a dog is not in good health he can manifest that anomaly with behavioral changes, so It is important to keep your pet in constant check with your trusted veterinarian, remember that prevention will help you avoid future complications, not only for the health of the dog but also in the balance of the home in general.:

How to improve mood of dog:  

Buy some dog toys so that he may play with them because toys change the mood easily.

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