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Reasons why we should Avoid Drinking Cold Water

Reasons why we should Avoid Drinking Cold Water

Longtime I have the habit of drinking water at room temperature, but never cold. When I have visit, in most cases they are surprised to see that the water is not cold or out of the fridge.

This was a custom that I adopted without any “scientific” knowledge on the subject, I once saw in a movie where a man of Asian origin, berates her daughter, saying she did not know why the custom of Americans always drink cold water because it was not good for the body.

As soon as I heard this, it seemed logical as our internal body temperature is not cold and uncorroborated decided to incorporate this information into my daily life, I knew there was no way I could do harm. So I started taking water at room temperature. The start was a bit difficult to get used to but before I knew it, it was normal and actually started to enjoy more and more water at room temperature and made it easier and drink (especially in the morning), to drink it cold.

Reason to avoid cold water

Apparently my reasoning was correct, to date we know that drinking cold water can be counterproductive to health and can cause various types of problems. This is problematic especially for digestion [1]. Also the water at ambient temperature is handled more efficiently by the body [2].

Some of the problems of drinking cold water are:

  • Slows the digestion process
  • It reduces the ability to properly hydrate
  • Drinking cold water after eating reduces the functioning of the immune system
  • More energy is expended regulating body temperature
  • Slows elimination of mucus
  • Ayurvedic medicine, not recommended intake of water or cold liquids

Among other

This also applies to juices and other cold drinks.

Note: In certain specific cases cold water can have a positive role; as it is when we do intense exercise.

Benefits of taking hot water

On the contrary, many benefits are attributed to drinking hot water. These are some of these:


Although there are many studies that contradict each other as to the benefits and problems of drinking cold water, there is little doubt about the benefits of drinking water at room temperature. So if you have to choose between cold, hot and room temperature, ambient temperature would be your best choice for better health.

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