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Respect the Hours of Sleep for Proper Heart Function

Respect the Hours of Sleep for Proper Heart Function

For everyone knows that sleep is essential for a good rest. It has always been recommended to spend 7-8 hours to sleep, because it is necessary for a healthy body, but sleep can have it another series of benefits in which many of us had not noticed until now.

  • Sleep is the phase in which the body regenerates and rest after a long day at work. It is the time when acting freely because we are totally deprived of consciousness during sleep because our will is void, and is the agency that acts freely. For this reason the dream brings many benefits including proper cardiovascular functioning.
  • During sleep our body undergoes a series of changes among which we have about losing control over it. To increase our pulse asleep because the heart rate accelerates. The temperature also changes, and it is the time when the body bookstore cortisol, which are molecules that cause stress and excess blood sugar.
  • Appropriate hours sleep is the best outlet there is. Nothing more relaxing than a good rest and translates well respected at the body 8 hours of sleep daily. With a night’s rest we eliminate stress and thus a better cardiovascular performance. Too much stress can be the cause of a rapid heartbeat and therefore can be the cause for hypertension.
  • A person who does not rest the appropriate times can eventually end up suffering problems of not only hypertension, but has increased risk of calcification of the arteries causing them to become more rigid and increase the risk of heart attacks or any type of heart disease. In addition, lack of sleep can eventually bring us problems diabetes.
  • But not only get enough sleep at night is essential. Numerous studies have shown that people who sleep intone a half hour nap have fewer problems with heart attacks or heart disease, and sleep is the best outlet for everyday problems. It is a good form of relaxation that helps us regulate our biorhythms and make us stronger.
  • From now on we have to notice the hours dedicated to sleep, and it is not only the dream is an ally of the cardiovascular system, but also in the case of athletes is the moment in which the muscles are regenerated more speed. For all these reasons we recommend to watch less TV at night and enjoy more of the dream, that eventually our health will be grateful.

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