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Rest Better at Night with these Exercises

Rest Better at Night with these Exercises

According to reflexology, feet are represented all organs of the body, so when you massage them get a general welfare promote sleep.

Some people do not get to sleep and wake up at night, while many other people who did not get to sleep the rest is refreshing.

In this article we explain what exercises you can do for a while before bedtime for insomnia and rest are best.

Rest is better to prevent diseases

Restful sleep is not a luxury. It is a must for good health because in those times our body sleeps, the body also works to regenerate and balance naturally.

Therefore we must give the importance. It is not necessary, if not severe, use drugs or supplements to sleep. We can start with these simple relaxation exercises that will promote sleep.

Scalp massage

The head accumulates all the mental tension, which can even affect headaches and migraines. This tension reaches the scalp and causes us a pressure that can cause insomnia or have not rest well, dreaming of all the worries that plague us.

Self-massage with fingers on the scalp:

We begin with the area of ​​the forehead and temples and you will go pressing and making small circles with your fingertips.

You must make enough pressure to move the scalp without allowing it to be painful, but sometimes the hair roots may be sensitive.

You will go forward until you reach the neck.

We can do it for about five minutes.

This exercise in addition to relax, also improves blood circulation, stimulates hair growth and preventing hair loss.

Relaxation back

The back muscles elsewhere in the body is also loaded with all the responsibilities that go beyond us and which we feel overwhelmed and stressed.

Therefore, to rest better we have to give the spine its flexibility because, otherwise, we can adopt awkward postures or suffer back pain even at night or to get up in the morning.

To relax your back do the following exercise:

We will lie on the floor face up; we embrace the knees and will press against his chest every time we remove the air. As you breathe in, the spirit loses a little. Repeat 15 times.

Distension feet

The feet endure our weight and our problems all day and often end up sore or inflamed.

We can always fulfill ourselves a foot massage, or let us do it, but we can also lose the tension with a tennis ball or those using pets to play.

We just have to stand up and walk on the tennis ball to whet pressure at each point of the foot, except for the fingers, emphasizing the parts that hurt us. We’ll do it for one minute with each foot.

This exercise mimics the pressure on the foot is a foot reflexology session.

Circular massage belly

The digestive system is also a victim of nerves and work, family or social problems we have to face every day, and it also suffers from poor diet.

In addition, somewhat surprisingly, digestive health can be closely related to insomnia or nightmares.

To relax the belly we apply a moisturizing cream or vegetable oil and hand will make a gentle massage in a circle in the sense of the intestine.

We start with the left side of the belly, follow up and go down the right side.

It should be a gentle and relaxing massage that can perform just before going to sleep and a good time after supper.

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