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Shower with Cold Water or Hot Water

Shower with Cold Water or Hot Water

Taking a bath is a ritual and, for many, a dilemma between bathing with cold or hot water. Sometimes we choose the water temperature depending on weather factors, such as weather or how we were in the day, but did you ever have wondered? What has greater health benefits, cold or hot water?

The benefits of bathing with hot water

Showering with hot water after a stressful day is soothing and relaxing since time immemorial this technique as a treatment using salts and aromas used in various spas. But what are the benefits granted to a hot bath?

Clean in a deeper way: Hot water helps clean the natural fat of a deeper and more easily formed.

Help insomnia: Everything lies in the feeling of relaxation and wellbeing that generates a bath with hot water and, if you add a little lavender before bedtime, it helps you sleep.

Detoxifies your body: Through your pores open with hot water, you eliminate toxins from your body, Attention women! It is said that cellulite is accumulation of toxins, so with a rich bath with hot water, you will help reduce cellulite in your body.

Muscle aches: As mentioned above, the hot water relaxes your body and thus muscles. Muscle pain or before a long workday, greatly favors taking a hot bath.

Relieves cold or flu: Steam is a natural decongestant, therefore, if we add mint and eucalyptus water, while we bathe, help decongest the sinuses

The benefits of a bath with cold water

Since ancient times it was believed that the showering with cold water was a symbol of strength and energy. The Spartans believed that after an exhausting day of exercise was good bathe in cold water as hot water was only for the weak, while the cold was synonymous with strength and vitality they possessed.

Russia in Philadelphia and perform different skills in cold water, despite the ice cream are those places. Here we tell you what benefits granted take a bath with cold water:

Increased energy: After a cold water bath, you feel rejuvenate and say goodbye to fatigue! It helps to have a sense of freshness, dynamism and clear mind by blood flow activates the cold water.

Improves circulation: One of the many benefits of cold water is that it stimulates circulation, bringing more blood to the internal organs and tissues, resulting in good blood flow

Provides benefits for fertility: For men in particular, it has many benefits bathe in cold water because it increases fertility. In fact, men with fertility problems should avoid exposure to hot baths to not impair sperm production.

Combat is stress and depression: thanks to the welfare state obtained after a bath with cold water.

Stronger immune system: Stimulates metabolism and therefore the immune system, i.e., strengthens defenses and makes it easier for the body to fight virus and other diseases.

Healthy skin and hair: Unlike hot water, where a dry, flaky skin looks, the cold water makes your skin look and feel fresh and healthy, just like your hair.

Helps improve breathing and body temperature to bathe in cold water; breathing is agitated at first but, deep breath constantly! This will help you in your regular life, as your temperature enhancement in trying to engage the cold water temperature.

A cold bath helps noradrenaline production in the brain, stimulant and promotes stress. That is why it is not recommended that pregnant women or menstrual cycle, bathe with cold water because of the stress it produces. In people affected heart is advisable to ask the doctor refrain recommendation.

A hot or cold bath, you, you decide! However, the combination of both is also a good choice because it improves skin and hair, as a bath with hot water opens the pores and bringing the benefits you already mentioned and finally close your pores with cold water to make your skin look fresh and vital.

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